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The freeway is open!!!! :)

When i went to lunch with allyn the saturday before last, she noticed that they'd finished the new eastbound onramp over by where it used to start/end but it had traffic cones and such blocking it. Then on thanksgiving when i was driving out to Rahvina and Sarisa's, the ramp was open! And there were cars on the freeway coming from the east!!

When i drove home after thanksgiving i got to go past the foothill exit and get off at Towne! According to the exit signs, that's about three miles of Foothill that i didn't have to drive on :)

The only thing i'm confused about is that i _thought_ the freeway was going to be called the 30 or something like that, but all the signs say the 210 now. They seem to have gone super-industrial on the carpool lane, there are _four_ lines of reflectors seperating it from the normal lanes.

I'm kind of wondering how the freeway is going to affect things. As a lot of the people who can read this already know, Foothill currently kind of marks the end of the world in the northward direction. There's a Ralphs or Albertsons and a Baskins and Robbins up on Mills, but that's about it. So is there going to be some new devolpment up there now that there will be a lot more traffic? And i wonder if the property values of people living near it is going up or down.

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