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We finished up our milestone yesterday, so that means that i should really work on catching up on LJ. Of course no one else gives a damn about old donaithnen stuff, so i'll cut it :)

I woke up late the sunday before, and spent the entire day playing RotTK7. I always feel kind of crappy about myself when i waste the whole day playing video games and don't even go outside. In some ways Strategy games are the worst kind to waste my time playing. RPGs have a story at least, so i can tell myself that it isn't _that_ much different from reading (which i don't feel quite as bad about wasting the day doing) even though the information flow is much lower. However when you finally beat a strategy game, what have you got for it?

But in any case, i had some vague plans to go into work on Monday and catch up on stuff. However sometime after noon Rahvina called me and said she was interested in hanging out. Particularly she wanted to go buy some things (i have a car) and go to Costco (i have a costco card) :)

I took a shower and got out there about 3ish. We went to costco and she found some of the stuff she was looking for. We also both picked up phone cards. They're really cheap, 3.5 cents a minute, and you can recharge them :)

I think we had lunch at costco, and then, went to Target after that. Rahvina got a steam cleaner and some other random stuff i don't remember. I kind of got distracted when we wandered past the electronics area and i saw a demo station playing Breath of Fire IV :)

We went back to her apartment and hung out for awhile. Sarisa had to work (i'm not really sure why i had the day off, my company picks some weird holidays) and we sat around and talked for a little bit, and i headed off for work about six or seven.

Of course along with wanting to get work done i also wanted the chance to talk to my girlfriend since i have no computer at home currently. Luckily she was still online when i got there, despite the tremendous amount of traffic i ran into that made the drive take an hour and a half =P

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