DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Catchup for last weekend

I went to hang out with Rahvina and Sarisa at their place on thursday. We were going to order tickets for Rent, but the ticket master site was charging lots extra, and we wanted to check with the box office, but they were closed, and we wanted to talk to Titania about if she was going, and all in all nothing got acomplished :)

We went out to dinner at Tony Roma's and then went back to the apartment and watched some anime, but Sarisa was feeling tired and went off to bed, and Rahvina was going to join him shortly, so i went home fairly earlyish.

Saturday i was going to go clubbing with Sarisa and Rahvina and Titania and their friend, and Rahvina wanted to get there fairly earlyish in hopes of going up on stage, so i was going to try and get there rather early.

It had been raining for the past several days, but when i went outside at 9 or 9:15 or so, there was no more rain, but _lots_ of fog. I got up to Foothill and started heading west, going at a fairly reasonable speed (i was being cautious and not going my normal 50 or so =)

So as i was driving along, all of the sudden in the middle of the block, someone starts walking across the street, after 9 at night, in the fog, at least 500 feet from the nearest crosswalk, and obviously not checking the street very well for traffic. Between the time i realized they were walking right in front of me and i slammed on the brakes, they'd gotten about three quarters of the way across the lane. Unfortunatly when they heard my brakes screeching the looked up and just kind of frooze, jerking back and forth, presumably being indecisive about which way to run. They eventually decided to go left, and i swerved a little right, but the corner of the car still nicked them. I pulled over, and the person was lying in the center turn lane, I honked my horn to try and make sure everyone else saw them, and when i saw them start to get up i pulled over into a parking lot that was right there.

I got out of the car and when i shut the door it made a loud scraping noise, apparently the front pannel had been shoved back so that it touches the edge of the door, and when i checked the front corner there as a big dent in it. I walked over to the side walk and there was someone else who had pulled over on the side of the road, and the person who i had hit was hobbling across the other half of the road. The person who had stopped asked me if i was the person who had hit them, and i said yes. She said she'd asked them if they were okay (from the side of the road) and they hadn't answered. By this point they were all they way on the other side of the street, limping quickly away, and starting to disapear into the fog, so i tried yelling across at them too and they still didn't answer. The person who had stopped had her cellphone out and said she was trying to get through to 911 since she didn't know what else to do, but that they weren't answering. So i pulled out my cell and tried calling to, but i got put on hold also. While i was waiting on hold to 911 she tried calling the operator and getting them to connect her directly to the police. When she got through to them i hung up on 911 (which was difficult, because it wanted me to press # and * at the same time because it was an emergency call, but that didn't seem to work, so i ended up just powercycling the thing)

The police said they'd send someone out, and we stood around for ten minutes or so in the fog before the police officer showed up. He asked what happened, so i told him, and the woman told her version, which was pretty much identical with what i'd just said. The officer checked his scanner and said that no one else had reported an accident, so to just not worry about it. I was a little shocked at this, and asked him if he wanted to get my name or license plate number or anything. He said no, they got that on the phone. And then both i and the person told him that she was the one who'd spoken to the police on the phone (since i was still on hold with 911) and his response was something to the efect of "oh well, don't worry about it.
*boggle* And then he said that although it seems really weird, it happens from time to time in the area, his explanation being that "a lot of crackheads live in the apartment across the street." I have no idea if there was any kind of accuracy to that, or if it was just some kind of cop prejudice.

In any case, i was glad that i wasn't going to get a ticket or get sued or anything. And having offered to give the police my registration, i'm kind of glad that through no fault of my own they have no way to track me down if they get contacted by this person later.

So after the cop pulled away, i called Sarisa's cell phone, and told him i'd been in an acident and would be late. Apparently about five minutes before he and Rahvina and their friend had been talking about when people would get there, and Sarisa said that it was Titania he was mostly worried about, because if i got into an accident i could always call them on my cell and let them know. Apparently the look on his face at the moment i called and told him was priceless :)

They said that they would probably head off to the club and meet me there, so i drove the two or three minutes back home, changed there, and headed out again.

I got to the club about 11 or so, and found everyone sitting at/standing around one of the booths, watching the shows. I said hi and shouted a brief version of the story to them, and stood around watching the show for a little bit. However since it didn't seem like Rahvina was going up soon and i'm usually not too into the shows, i wandered off to the dance floor. After awhile Titania and their friend came to join me, so i got to dance with cute girls again :) I'd actually been getting a little tired when they showed up, but i didn't want to waste the opportunity so i kept dancing. After another half-dozen songs or so they went to the backroom, and i checked with Rahvina and Sarisa, and they said she was supposed to be going up soon, so after another song or two i joined them in watching the show.

I was slightly distracted by the cute asian girl making out with the cute girl with glasses right next to me. The club photographer (or one of the two rather, as i found out later) was _completly_ distracted by them however. I was flipping back and forth between watching the two girls and Rahvina on stage, but the photographer took four or five pictures of the girls, and none of Rahvina :(

Titania and the friend wandered off for one of the good songs of the ending set, unfortunatly they decided to shut down about ten or fifteen minutes earlier that night, so it turned out to be _the_ last song, well, other than the obligatory silly ending song.

We went to IHOP afterwards and had some dinner. The friend was going to drive everyone back to Sarisa and Rahvina's apartment where Titania's car was, and then everyone was going to head of to their respective home's, so i figured i would just head straight home from IHOP.

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