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Political quiz

Economic Left/Right: -3.38 -- Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.69

Little quiz thing that measures how liberal/conservative you are on both an economic and a social scale.

Got this from upsilon and as people have commented in his LJ, it has some problems.

"Those who are able to work and do not should not expect to eat."

Define "able to" and "work" please. I agree with this statement if "able to" means "has the ability and is given the opportunity" and "work" includes such things as writing a book or sitting around and having philisophical discusions with people. If someone wanted tototally cut themselves off and not contribute to society at all i see no reason why society should provide them with food, however showing that was the case with anyone would be rather difficult.

"First-generation immigrants can never be fully integrated within their new country."

Possibly, depends on what you mean by "integrated." Someone from a totally foreign culture will probably never become 100% culturally aclimated, but i don't really see how that matters.

"Young people may have some rebellious ideas, but it's normal to grow out of them and settle down."

If i disagree, does the test think that i'm disagreeing with the idea that young people have rebelious ideas, or that it's normal to grow out of them?

"Some people are naturally unlucky."

Why is this even on the test? What does it have to do with anything? I can see either a liberal or conservative agreeing with this, which i did. Their response would be either "some people just get unlucky, so we need to help them out," or "these people are just naturally unlucky, so helping them out wouldn't do any good anyways."

And as a minor quible, is there any particular reason why both the liberal sides are negative? And if Libertarian is negative, shouldn't it be "Libertatian/Authoritarian" instead of the other way around?

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