DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Last weekend

I went out to Sarisa and Rahvina's place last saturday. I drove us all out to Fry's so Sarisa and Rahvina could look at various shineys. I thought about getting some DVDs, but i'd been smart and checked prices beforehand, and Best Buy and DVDPlanet had as good or better prices, so i didn't end up getting anything. We stopped by Arby's for dinner and then went back to their apartment.

Sarisa and i spent awhile playing Teken Tag Tournament and Red Faction. Strangely we were about even on Teken (i think we ended up tied or one of us ahead by one match after 11 or 13 rounds) which i've barely played at all, but did relatively badly at Red Faction, which i've played quite a lot of. Of course part of that reason was that i spent way too much time in the hidden room shooting at people with the Fusion Rocket Launcher, which is fun, bun inefficient. Of course it did have the advantage that i managed to take shot at Sarisa and look up at the top half of the screen to watch the Fusion shell hit him in the face :)

After that the three of us went out to Dungeon. Rahvina has dyed her hair blue temporarily, and was wearing a blue dress and blue stocking and a blue butterfly mask. She also had blue butterfly wings, but she ended up deciding thsoe would get in the way too much if she danced any.

There seemed to be a trend this time of a lot of girls wearing white tank tops, with either black bras or (as far as i could tell) nothing underneath. I usually don't see four or so people all wearing pretty much identical top. There were also one or two guys wearing the same thing (without the bras =)

Towards the end of the night a cute friend of Rahvina's showed up. We were supposed to meet her earlier, but she was running late. She and Rahvina came out and danced, so i got to dance with _two_ cute girls! :) Okay, it's kind of sad that it was just cause they were a friend and a friend of a friend, but still, better than nothing :)

We went out and had a snack at IHOP after the club closed, and than Sarisa and Rahvina and i went back to their apartment. Since nobody was feeling very tired we watched Spider-man which they had just rented, and i went home at about 6am.

Of course when i got home i decided that i didn't feel like sleeping, so i got online and turned on the tv and managed to find some cartoons to leave running in the background. After awhile my girlfriend got online and i spent awhile talking to her. I finally took a nap about 11:30 or noon (nap being defined as falling asleep on the couch while reading a book =) but woke up again at 3. I was originally planning on going to Best Buy to get the DVDs i'd been thinking about, but i didn't get out of the apartment till 5. I went to Costco first to get gas and some lunch before they closed, and then went to Best Buy and found out they closed at 6 on sudnays instead of 7 like i thought =P

Originally Sarisa and Rahvina and i had planned on going to a club on sunday as well, but when i got home Sarisa said that he was feeling pretty tired, and Rahvina's knees were hurting from dancing as much as she did the night before. I was feeling a little tired myself, so i figured i would just stay home, but it turned out that Sarisa had forgotten his cellphone in my car the night before, so i ended up driving out there anyways. Sarisa had gone to bed by the time i arrived, but Rahvina and i stayed up till about three in the morning watching the Count of Monte Cristo, after which i drove home and got to bed at about 4.

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