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How weird

This is ironic, from GameForms: "Acclaim has officially stated that the PlayStation 2 version of BMX XXX will be censored for release. The PS2 version is the only one that will have the topless nudity edited out, while the Gamecube and Xbox versions will remain uncensored."

The censored bit isn't too suprising, but the fact that it's censored for the PS2 and _not_ for Nintendo is amazing. Sarisa wouldn't even believe me the first time i told him it was coming out on GameCube :)

I'm kind of tempted to get a copy out of support for mature titles on the GameCube :) Of course i said the same thing about Conker's Bad Fur Day, and never did that =P

Oh, in other such news, at the last meeting at work we were reminded that we've been given the go-ahead for a Mature ranking for the new game, and that we intend to make full use it. We've currently got someone working on "blood effects" :)

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