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Stupid body

I had an apointment to go donate blood in downtown Pomona today. Unfortunatly i forgot the directions at home when i left for work. I left work at 5:30 to get home and get the directions, and managed to find the donation place on the second pass and got there just a little after 7. Unfortunatly they were doing it at a church, which was annoying =P

I had to argue with the nurse setting me up to get her to use the side vein rather than the main one. =P Then when i was done i felt a little feint even though i'd made sure to have lunch today. This is the second time in a row that it's happened, and i'm annoyed at my body about it. I'm oping it's something specific i can figure out, because it was much better when i could donate and just not worry about it.

Hey, Shawkial, Gwri, did i look _that_ obvious about being feint the time i donated blood with you guys? I didn't feel _very_ bad this time, but almost immediatly two or three nurses came over and started asking me if i was alright and giving me cold compress things =P They made me stay there for ten or fifteen minutes until they though i looked better.

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