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Movies and Randomness

They have candy in the lunch room! There are reeses peanut butter cups, and mini candy bars, and chocolate ball things with foil wrapped around them tat are painted to look like eyeballs! :)

I grabbed a one of the peanut butter cups and two of the eyeballs, and then when i set the peanut butter cup down on my desk, i set the two eyeballs on top of it, and now it looks like a cute little monster thing! Kawaiii!! I can't possibly eat them now :)

When i was driving home from work yesterday, i heard an ad for Solaris! I knew they were making it into a movie, but i hadn't realized that it was coming out so soon.

There are a _lot_ of movies this fall/winter, Solaris, Harry Potter, Treasure Planet, Lord of the Rings, and then there're things like the new James Bond and Star Trek movies.

And while i was looking through the list, i saw something called "A Midsummer's Night Rave," which sounds interesting even though it probably isn't :)

I need to find more time to watch movies, i've still got a ton backlogged from this last year.

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