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Where's number three?

This is just not my week.

The computer seems to be functioning well at a hardware level, now i just need to finish getting all the software setup.

This morning i was running a little late because i sepnt too long in the shower (as usual) and had to lock my cat up. They're painting the doors in my apartment complex today, which means they need to have the doors open, which means that i had to move food and water and catpan into the large bedroom. Not a very complicated process to be sure, but still an extra five minutes added onto an already late day.

Then as i was driving south to get to the freeway, i suddenly noticed the guy in the right lane moving over into me. I honked and slowed down to try and get out of the way, but he either didn't notice or didn't reaxt quick enough. It probably would have helped if i'd sped up instead, A: he might have seen me and moved over, and B: what he ended up hitting was the side view mirror, which is designed to fold back if you run into something, it isn't really designed to fold forward if something runs into it.

We both pulled over, i checked the mirror which had lost part of the rim and about half of the glass was cracked up. He said he was driving a work truck and worked at the apartment complex just behind mine, so i followed him there and he got his manager. The three of us went over what happened and he admited it was pretty much his fault. We traded insurance information, and described the accident. They thought that the scratch on the side of my car was from the accident too, but despite a very brief moment of temptation, i told them that was from something else. The manager said he'd like to just pay for a new mirror if that was possible so as not to get the insurance companies involved. That was more of a favor to them than to me, but i figured it still sounded good, i just wanted my mirror fixed, and even though i wasn't at fault, the less i have to deal with my insurance company the better. So he gave me the number and address of a company they have an account with that can handle the repairs, so i should go in there this weekend and get the part ordered.

It's kindo f sad how everyone is supposed to have insurance, but when they actually get into small accidents the companies have intimidated them into not actually using it.

So getting that all done took about a half hour, and i got into work about 11:30 =P It's very strange driving with only part of a right side view mirror.

I'm wonderign what else will go wrong this week. Can the computer being broken two days count as two things? Or maybe the fact that my pen seems to have disapeared can count as the third thing.

Well, as long as my girlfriend doesn't break up with me, no cute local girls suddenly fall madly in love with me, i don't lose my job, and none of me, my friends, or my family get maimed or killed, i'll probably do okay :)

(of coruse having named all the things i don't want to happen, fate will somehow manage to find something i forgot to put on the list but is still really bad to make happen to me :)

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