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A couple things i forgot to mention before, i got a package on saturday!! I have a copy of Parapara and the Parapara controller now!!!!! :)

Now all i need to do is figure out if i need a Japanese PS2 to use it or if i can just get my American PS2 mod-chipped and do whichever of those is appropriate.

There was apparently some kind of arts and crafts thing going on in the Village this weekend. When Rahvina and i went through there so i could mail stuff there was a huge amount of traffic, and i barely managed to find a parking space. I seem to be totally out of the loop as far as local goings on go. If i'd known about it ahead of time i might have considered going. I wonder what else i'm missing out on. (Oh, but i do know that the Angels won the World Series, even ifi hadn't seen it on CNN they have the big electronic sign thing saying something about it at the Aneheim stadium on the way to work)

Between my stuff, Caithris' stuff, and Rahvina's stuff, i racked up about $340 at the Hot Topic, and then the 15% discount for the full card took it down to $290. The cashier person said it was the largest sale she'd ever rung up in the time she'd been working there (six months? a year? two years? i forget how long.) She then made me promise not to tell anyone about it (presumably anyone who works at Hot Topic, so everyone reading this should be okay as long as they promise not to tell, hey maybe i should make it an EULA dealy! ;) and gave me a new card with ten stamps on it! :) So now i can immediatly go out and use it when i get out to the Irvine Spectrum to look for the stuff i couldn't find at the first store :) Somehow though i doubt that her managers would mind her trying to convince someone who spent almost $300 there to come back and buy more :)

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