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Friday and first half of Saturday

I got to work a little late friday morning. I started a little later than normal, and there was some funeral procession clogging up the 10. A whole lot of cars were involved, and they all had a paper label that said "funeral" in the rear window, and there were some motercycle cops going along with them. I never saw the hearse thing at the front of the procession when i passed it, but i was getting on the unramp for the 57 at the time so was a little distracted.

No one at work really seemed to notice or care that i got in fifteen minutes late, but all the donts were gone by that point, so there was a negative side to it :)

Got a fair bit of work done, and stayed kinda late. However then Rahvina decided she wanted someone to hang out with because Sarisa had work on saturday. She also wanted someplace to do laundry cause they had misplaced their laundry room key :) I left work about 10 and picked her up at her apartment and drove her back to my place. She decided that we might as well get laundry done then, so we started that up and then played Super Monkey Ball while waiting for it to get done.

We got to sleep at four or five. Rahvina poked me awake at noon i think, but i kind of dozed off again till one. We headed out of the apartment at two to get stuff done. Shipped off mail to my shawkial and gwri, went to costco to get gas and breakfast/lunch, and went to the mall to check out Hot Topic.

I had a list of stuff from Caithris to get for her, but when we looked around they were short on two or three of the items. I was thinking that i would go check out the Hot Topic in the Irvine Spectrum and see if they had the missing items and get everything there if they did, but then Rahvina decided to get some stuff, so i figured i might as well get what i could there since they had the majority of it.

I also got a pleather jacket for myself, a mesh shirt (in case i ever manage to lose enough weight to look okay in it, maybe i'll have a little more incentive now) a leater bracelet/wrist band with a dragon one it, and a random goth cd.

Rahvina says that i'm more of a girlie shopper than she is (she not being much of one at all she says) which i only partly understand what she means, other than me apparently taking a long time to figure out what to get.

I drove Rahvina to a friends house where Sarisa was hanging out, and then headed off to Knott's Scary Farm. However i think i will write about that in a seperate entry tomorrow after i've gotten some sleep.

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