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Scary movie!

Luckily it was the the type that goes along the lines of, something scary is going to happen! build, build, false scare, build, build, boo! Which is easily countered by, build, build, okay, i'm closing my eyes now, gee i'm glad i've got my eyes closed. :)

Of course it was still scary, since i couldn't resist ocasional peeks, and sometimes i'd get confused about when the false scare and the real scare were going to happen and mistime it, and of course even if you miss the shocky scary bits, you still catch all the atmosphere scary bits.

Oh, i liked the ending, the ending was cool :)

But it was still scary! *hides*

After the movie i stoped by the hot topic there and looked around, no leather pants :( Looked around the Manga House with some of the others, which had cool stuff, but also had pirated CDs, so i decided to resist buying anything. Everyone ended up at Electronics Boutique of course. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are still selling for $20! And they've got a new combined version for $30! :) I thought about getting the $25 used copy of Age of Wonders 2, but told myself that i've already got enough video games for the moment :) I stopped by the Coffee Bean after everyone split up and got an iced mocha, and then got stuck in traffic forever on the way back to the office.

(And on a random note, why are there always so many cute asian girls at the mall?)

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