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Rahvina was having a crappy day yesterday and Sarisa was going to be at work really late, so she wanted someone to hang out with. Since she was feeling bad and i wasn't sure if i would make it out to visit over the weekend i said i'd spend some time with her. I finished talking to my girlfriend about 8:30, and headed out to LA about 8:45. When i got there i stoped by Rahvina's apartment and told her that i wanted to get some dinner. She said her girlfriend had called so she wanted to spend some time talking to her, so i should just go get something to eat without her.

On the way out to my car i ran into Titania who had just shown up to visit. This is why i wish i had more friends. Very rarely do i just get together randomly with people, everything has to be planed out because i have so few friends and they're always so busy. In any case, Titania went up to the apartment while i went out to get some food. Rahvina had said that she hadn't had much dinner but i hadn't thought to ask her if she wanted anything, so along with two bacon cheeseburgers and some fries and a piece of the hershey pie stuff, i also got an extra thing of fries in case she wanted them.

When i got back to the apartment Rahvina was still on the phone, so i sat and chatted with Titania while she did some reading for class or something and i ate my food. WHen i finished Rahvina was still busy, and Titania was somewhat absorbed in work, so i was a little bored. However i remembered that Rahvina had been reading Narcissus in Chains recently, because i was amused that she happened to be rereading it at the same time i started reading it for the first time. After digging around the many piles of books in the living room, i finally managed to find it, and after some flipping through to figure out how the paperback pages and hardback pages lined up, i started reading that.

After awhile Rahvina finished up on the phone and we all talked for awhile. Titania decided to head home at 11or so, so after that i curled up on the couch with Rahvina while she did homework and i read more of the Anita Blake book. Rahvina had a video she needed to watch for one of the classes she's TAing, After she finished that she decided to stick in "A Knight's Tale" (yay cute smith girl! :) We traded backrubs for awhile while we read our perspective stuff. However the backrubs kept distracting me from reading, and as soon as i wasn't reading i tended to drift off to sleep. After a couple short naps i woke up again and felt fairly rested for some reason.

Rahvina finished up her homwork about 3am and i went home. Sarisa still hadn't gotten home, i think Rahvina said he was supposed to get home about 4 =/ I got back to my apartment a little after 3:30 and spent awhile playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII and finishing up Narcissus in Chains since i wasn't feeling tired at all. I took a shower and left for work at 5:30, and once again hit the ragged edge of traffic jams.

I don't know if it's the lack of sleep, or the large diet coke i from del taco thati drank this morning, but when i went into the bathroom this morning while i was washing my hands i notices my eyes looked a little weird in the mirror. I took a closer look, and they were totally bloodshot. Well not _totally_ they had a stripe. In both eyes there was a thick path of bright blood vessels going from the outside corner of my eyed to my iris, then starting again on the other side of the iris and going to the inside corner of my eye. There was a little bit of waviness to the lines, but it was still really strange.

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