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Stupid sleep

Yay! Have energy back! Or at least i did last night. Then i proceeded to play Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII untill 12:30 =P I got apointed as prefect to a teritory! And i got my rank up to River! But apparently i wasn't doing a good enough job as a River so i got downgraded to a Defense :) Then my Liege moved the only decent War person in my teritory to somewhere else, and then a few turns later requested that i send reinforcements. Needless to say it went badly and i figured that was a good excuse to quit.

I figured i should have some dinner at that point. However i'd promised myself i'd do at least a little exercise before eating anything. I'm a total whimp. My arms should _not_ feel like they're about to fall off after doing just 30 pushups =P I made a microwave dinner and after i finished it went to bed and then stupidly read until about 4 or 4:30 in the morning. Almost done with the new Anita Blake book now though! :)

*sigh* If i could just get away without sleeping somehow i would actually feel like i have enough time in my life.

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