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Wheee! Cops!

Grrrr, started getting another headache today towrds the end of work, and no real reason for it.

There was some good music on the radio on the way home, but for some reason i couldn't draw up the feelings i'm used to doing in that situation, and my head still hurts a little. I'm wondering if i might be kind of low on energy or something from the lack of sleep even if i don't feel tired.

Of course i also got slightly distracted on the way home. I was doing 85 or 90 in the far left lane which was fairly empty, when i noticed a car a medium distance ahead of me move over out of the left lane. For some reason something about it caught my eye, and as i got closer i noticed the writing on the back of the car and started slowing down quickly.

At that point i was wondering what the best course of action was, i suspected that he had seen me approaching from behind, and i wasn't sure if slowing down completly would draw more attention to me. I decided to go down to 75, just a little faster than the cop and a pretty average speed for the left lane. I was hoping the cop wouldn't be sure how much i'd slowed down, although i can't really imagine that he didn't notice me slowing down at all. I slowly pulled past him, and then he moved over into the lane right behind me. He tailgated me for a little bit, and i worried that he was about to pull me over. I'm not sure what he was doing, running my plates? pacing me to check my speed? trying to egg me on into going faster? something else entirely? but after a few minutes he started changing lanes to the right again and slowed down while i pulled away from him.

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