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Is it very strange...

for me to be suprised that my hands easily fit around my own neck?

I was playing with my collar and noticed that when it's in the last notch, the notch i use that just barely fits, my hands almost perfectly fit around the collar. Of course if you subtract the slight but noticeable thickness of the collar my hands have about an inch of extra clearance around me neck.

I was talking to Morna this morning, and she said she had some free time and was wondering if i was interested in getting a breakfast/lunchy type snack with her. I said sure, and we went to get some donuts and did some chores and stuff.

I figured as long as i was out and about i might as well stop by the mall too. I went to borders and got a chai and looked around, but didn't see anything i wanted to get. They didn't have any Robin Hobb books at all this time :(

So i went to the rest of the mall with empty hands, and stopped by Game Stop. It's been awhile since i've been there. They had a lot of games i wanted and i kind of went on a buying spree, although i didn't get everything i wanted.

I got Animal Crossing and Mario Sunshine new for Gamecube. I got Romance of the Three Kingoms VII new for PS2. I wanted to get Dynasty Tactics new for PS2, but they only had a used version :( I also got used Zone of Enders, Tekken Tag Tournament, Jak and Daxter, Gran Turismo 3, and Grandia II, all for PS2. Other than Grandia II they were all games i probably never would have picked up if they hadn't been for $17 or $22 each (minus the discount for my Game Stop card.) So all in all i got 9 games for $300.

After that i went to Hot Topic, and saw a couple shirts i wanted. Then i saw that they had even cheaper pleather jackets than the other place i was looking at. My girlfriend has a leather jacket, and was sort of encouraging me to get a pleather jacket to match her when i mentioned them before :) However before i could do anything about buying stuff, i remembered that my Hot Topic card is full, which means that i need to get a big collection of stuff together that i want to get, since a full card gets you 10 or 15% off your next purchase.

So i headed home, and i'm feeling a little tired, but i want to finish the book i'm on, and then either start the new anita blake book, or play some of these games. However i suspect i may end up taking a nap before i do all of that/

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