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Do i look like a native american???

Dungeon from last week:

Theoretically i was going to be helping Titania move into her new apartment, but i got off to a late start, and then got lost, and by the time i got there they were all done :(

I drove Rahvina back to her apartment while Titania returned the U-Haul. I'd promised to talk to my girlfriend, so i called her on my cellphone while Rahvina was cooking dinner and making the ocasional comment to be passed on over the phone. Titania hadn't gotten back by the time Rahvina was done cooking, so we ate some yummy bourbon chicken and rice. Titania showed up a while later and had some too.

Titania and i fell asleep on the couch for awhile on the couch, while Rahvina talked to my girlfriend on IM. Rahvina was being encouraged to tickle me awake, but unfortunatly i woke up on my own first =P

It was kind of late, but we decided to go to Dungeon anyways, so we all got dressed and headed out, and got there about 12:30 i think. There were lots of cute girls there, but there never seem to be enough girls at clubs wearing glasses. There was one girl dressed up like a cat though! Well, i'm not sure if "dressed" is the right word. The article of clothing covering the most flesh was probably her boots :) She was wearing a bikini like plastic/PVC outfit, and had a cat tail and cat ears and some long gloves of the same material as the boots and clothing.

Oh, random bit of strangeness, Dungeon has Red Bull in their fountain machine *boggle* On the pluss side, it mean's it's a lot cheaper than at other clubs. Just $3 for a glass of the stuff.

Towards the end of the night, during the second or third to last song, a girl came up to me and shouted something into my ear. Have i mentioned before that i _hate_ trying to talk to people in clubs or under other noisy conditions? I frequently have some difficulty seperating out what people say even from normal background noise, and it's obviously much more difficult under noise conditions. After the third time she repeated what she was saying, i was pretty sure it was "Native american?" I blinked for a second or two, and all i could figure was that she was asking if i was one, so i shook my head and shouted "no," and she turned away and wandered off.

I mentioned it to Titania and Rahvina afterwards, and they were as confused as i. The best we could figure was that native americans were her particular kink, and vaguely wondered if i could have gotten laid if i'd been willing to lie about it for that purpose :) Of course what we couldn't figure out at all is why she thought i might be part native american in the first place.

We went feeling hungry after the club closed, so we went to IHOP. There were some other people there either from Dungeon or some other club. Some more of them came in after we were seated and ended up in the booth next to us, and Rahvina actually knew them, or at least one of them. How said is it that i've been going there on and off for a year or two and know no one, while Rahvina who's been going for a six months or so knows several people =P

Rahvina introduced us to the guy she knew, and he introduced us to everyone else, including the cute girl that was with them. About halfway through the meal the girl left and when she came back she had a chibi cthulu!!!!! It was soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! :)

We finished up dinner and headed back to the apartment, and tanya and i crashed on the couches there for the night.

Dungeon this week:

I headed off to LA about 3:45, and got there about 4:30. We went to costco because Titania wanted to look at computers. Unfortunatly they only had medium expensive computers and she wanted to get a cheap one. We did pick up some stuff though, i made the mistake of suggesting that we should look at the DVDs :) I got the new CD from Avril Lavigne for $13, and also got Monsters Inc., Payback, the Count of Monte Cristo, and the Hunt for Red October.

We then went to Trader Joe's, and i bought a lot of snacks and Titania and Rahvina got a fair amount of stuff too. We went back to the apartment and watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back until Sarisa got home, and then decided after much indecisiveness to all go to Outback for dinner, which was yummy :)

Titania decided she was feeling kind of sick and tired for going clubbing, so she went home and Rahvina and i got dressed to go to Dungeon and headed off, and got there about midnight. It was fairly packed tonight. There were also a lot more cute girls with glasses than normal. Still pretty rare, but 5 or 10% is pretty good compared to normal :) I got on the dance floor shortly after we got there and danced for, um, a fairly large number of songs. I went and stood with Rahvina for awhile while she watched the stage show for awhile, but got dragged back onto the dance floor by good music after five or ten minutes of that. I switched back and forth between the front and back rooms a couple times, and then all of a sudden they were playing the final set and i realized that i'd been dancing almost the entire two hours or so and hadn't even gotten anything to drink.

We went back to the apartment, and Sarisa was still awake. We talked for a little bit, and i whimpered some about how far away my girlfriend is, and then dozed off for about a haf hour on their floor :) When i woke up again i was feeling much less tired for some reason, and watched Sarisa play Gran Tarismo 3 for a little bit and then headed home at about 4:15.

Since then i've been doing LJ stuff, listening to new music, watching the Hobbit, and reading.

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