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Peeps! *bounce!* Peeps! *bounce!* Peeps! *bounce!* Peeps!!!!

Guess what i saw in the lunchroom at work yesterday?? The first 27 guesses don't count :)

There are _Halloween_ peeps!!!! They come in pumpkin shapes! Unfortunatly there was only one left in the box, and it was stale, but there are peeps! I can go to the store and buy peeps!! I don't have to wait till easter!!!!!

I like peeps :)

I headed home at 7:15 last night, which was pretty damn late considering the time i got there. I got a lot more work done than i have been most days the past week or two, but still not as much as i should have, so hopefully the trend continues.

I was feeling kind of weird on the way home, i couldn't figure out if i was just hungry, had a sugar low, or was experiencing an impending sense of doom. If it was the last, i hope it was just kind of a retroactive response to the stuff that's happened in this last week, and not anything upcoming that i need to worry about.

On the theory that it was hopefully one of the first two, i stopped by Burger King and got some food to go. Really did not feel like having to sit for ten minutes when i got home while the food nuked. So i got home and started eating dinner while talking to my girlfriend on IM, and started feeling better right away, so i'm not totally sure which it was, but i'm guessing it was a hunger/low blood sugar thing. Oh wait, except i'm not hypoglycemic, so that couldn't have been it :)
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