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Slow start

I got up at 6 this morning so i could get to work early and finish up the stuff i need to get done before the meeting today. I'm just lucky the meeting got delayed from yesterday, or i would have been screwed.

I actually did a little bit of exercise this morning, i keep telling myself i should do that more often, but i'm always in a hurry before work, and always tired after work. I then realized it wa 6:40 and later than i had intended to be leaving and headed off to work, forgetting the snacks i was going to bring with me to help me eat kinda sorta healthy. Oh well, no sugar for me today since all the sugar in the vending machine also has lots of fat mixed in =P

Traffic sucked, as it always does at the time of the moring, and i got into the office at about 8:10, so an hour and a half to go about 33 miles =P

ok, need to make myself focus on work now

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