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They cheated!

Burger King let me down :( Apparently they've decided that they should have their 99 cent menu on continual rotation. I decided to stop there for breakfast, and ordered two double cheeseburgers, and found out that they were no longer on the 99 cent menu. The person at the register told me that both the whopper and the "big king" or something like that were on the menu now. I asked what the Big King was, and he said it was a double cheeseburger, but with only one slice of cheese and lettuce and tomatoes and onions and mayo, so i asked for two of those, but with mustard ketchup and pickles instead of that other stuff, so i ended up with two double cheeseburgers, but with less cheese. Seems pretty silly to me.

While i was waiting, i looked up at the menu to try and figure out where the 99 cent menu was hidden, because i hadn't been able to find it before, and finally saw it hidden on the bottom part of one of the menus. I was ready to feel really stupid at having missed it, but then i saw that although the double cheeseburger wasn't on there anymore, the things i had been told about _weren't_ on there. So their menu is just all fucked up and annoying.

On the plus side, they put more oatmeal in the kitchen area today (they were almost out yesterday,) so i still get free and fairly healthy lunch :)

And there was something else i was planning on putting in this entry earlier, but i completly forgot what it was =P

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