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I headed home from work last night, and there was no sign of fire other than the smoke. The news still claims it's back there though, getting closer to Mt. Baldy. Of course that's 10 or 15 miles to the north, so i can understand why it might not be visible from here.

I talked to people online for awhile and got to bed about midnight. I managed to wake up at 2:30, and pull myself out of bed by 3. I took a shower and headed out at about 4am, and got to work about 5 after stopping at del taco to get some breakfast.

I got a medium amount of work done today, especially in the morning, so i may try to get up early and do it again since i'm not feeling very tired. I would have gotten more work done if we hadn't had a company lunch. It kind of broke my stride for some reason and i didn't get much done after that.

Oh, and my computer is going to get upgraded tomorrow, which is even more reason to get in early and finish up what i'm working on. Swapping computers is always a big hassle with copying stuff over and reinstalling everything. The sad bit is that the old one was easily good enough for what i needed it for, since most of the computing work is handled by the devkits. The only major advantage i forsee with the new computer is that it might have a good enough videocard to play Battlefield 1942 :)

But in any case, i should start heading towards bed if i'm gonna get up early.

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