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Lunch and books

Yesterday was the hungriest i've ever been in quite awhile, and i'm not sure why. I had leftover Mongolian BBQ at about 2 in the morning the night before, so i really shouldn't have been that hungry.

Since the head of operations said he needed to swap out my GameCube devkit (this happens ocasionally, becuase we get the machines from the companies we're working for, which changes over time) so i decided to go out and eat somewhere rather than bringing food back to the office.

I went to the mall and got a Jamba Juice and thought about going toRubio's like usual, but a new place had just oppened up so i decided to try that. It's a Chinese resturant that's kind of half a step up again from Rubio's. You actually get real plates and silverware and stuff. It's not quite as classy as a "real" resturant, although prices are up in that range. I got some orange chicken, which was very good. Much better than the orange chicken you get from Panda Express type places, but i'm not decided yet if it's worth the $8 or $9 though.

I did get a good demonstration of just how over sugared (or salted, or fatted, as appropriate ) normal food is. After eating a piece of the orange chicken i took a sip from my Orange Berry Blitz, and the orange juice in it made it taste sour in comparison to the orange sauce on the chicken! After finishing that off i was still hungry so i went to the Dairy Queen next door and got an ice cream and brownie thing. I don't want to think about how many calories i had over the course of about thirty minutes =/

Now that i wasn't so hungry i decided that since i was at the mall anyways i would go to the Barnes & Noble. I wanted to buy a couple of books in a series that my girlfriend recomended to me, but i stopped to look at other stuff as usual too, and they had the newest Anita Blake book in paperback!!! *bounce bounce bounce!* So i bought that and two books from the other series.

I feel a little guilty buying books from not only a Barnes & Noble, but one that isn't even near where i live, but i tell myself that the difference between Borders and Barnes & Noble isn't that big, and certainly for those type of stores whether i buy stuff in Montclair or Tustin doesn't make too much of a difference either. I should try to find a good used bookstore near where i live now. And a good gaming store that isn't Wizards of the Coast. I know where ones are in Fullerton, but that's a bit of a drive.

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