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24 September 2002 @ 10:29 pm
Run for the hills!... Er, no! Wait! Run in the other direction! Sorry bout that.  
I'm confused, last night as i was driving home i saw flames all over the place.

I wasn't sure what to expect when i drove home today. On the way to work i hadn't seen any flames, but i'd taken the 10 instead of the 210. I did see lots of black charred hills where i'd seen fires the night before. In fact apparently i missed some of the fun, because in the morning when going by areas where the fire had been a hill or two away, i saw that some of the hills right next to the freeway had been burned at some point or another.

So tonight as i came over the hill to the 57-60 interchange i didn't see any fires immediatly. However shortly afterwards i saw a fire up on one of the hills. However this time it was a dusk red, wreathed by layers of smoke. I'm not sure if it was actually fire or huge amounts of coals and embers.

I saw the same scene repeated a couple of times as i continued, and i decided to take the 210 home again to see what the situation was there, and it was pretty much the same.

It looked kind of like a scene out of Mordor or a badly done dinosaur movie (think Fantasia.) The hills looked like volcanoes with fissures of lava glowing beneath the fumes.

However all in all it looked like things were getting better. Dull flames and embers are certainly better than raging flames, right? However when i got home i checked the news. The first interesting bit is that the fire had "grown" from 4000-5000 acres last night 10 about 18,000 acres today. However that's acres burned, not acres burning, so maybe it burned lots and was dying down now? But then they said that the fire was about ten miles from edge to edge, and that it's heading towards Montclair.

For those not familiar with the area, that means that it's heading _here._ I'm presuming they mean Montclair in terms of an east/west marking, because in order to actually get _to_ Montclair it would have to go through Pomona and Claremont first. But still, there were big fires up in the hills _yesterday_ and today there are just (relatively) small glowing spots. How can the fire be _heading_ here?

Well in any event, i guess i'll find out more tomorrow. Unfortunatly i'll probably be at work during the interesting stuff =P
kallah on September 25th, 2002 06:37 am (UTC)
Hey! I loved that part in Fantasia!

Okay, so it's now completely superseded by modern science. But it's still cool.
girl scout: chibi chibisakurayasha on September 25th, 2002 11:46 am (UTC)

::Starts ta run for the hills and doesn't hear the rest of his comment untill the embers manage ta burn through her balck boots::
Yeesh! Fire is fun! ::grin:: wouldn't want ta be anywhere nearby when it happens, but on occasion it's fun ta see a much despised neighbors house burn down. Mwhaha! What? Who started the fire? Don't look at me! It was probubly, erm, Wraith! that's it! Holly did it! Holly started all of it! BAD Holly! BAD!
Dalton Grahamdaltong on September 25th, 2002 04:27 pm (UTC)
Keep us posted, ok?