DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Sunday and clubbing

I managed to stay up till about nine am saturday night/sunday morning before totally conking out. I didn't really accomplish anything usefull though =P

I talked to people on IRC some, until they started getting quiet. A got a bit further in Assassin't Apprentice, but not very cause i kept getting distracted by other stuff. Among other things, playing the PC game i ordered from CheapAss games (Adventures in Infinite Space or something like that.) It's a fun game, but kind of limited. They mentioned that each game takes ten or so minutes, which is accurate (assuming you don't manage to get yourself killed right off the bat of course =) However i kind of wish they had the option to make the map larger. It would be nice if there were an advanced version of the game with more stars, more items, and a little less randomness. As it is if the trader (who is always near where you start) has good items, you can kick ass easily right from the start and breeze through the entire thing.

Of course it was once i finally stopped doing everything else and mostly tried to concentrate on reading that i fell asleep. =P I woke up at about 3:15, and spent a few hours talking to my girlfriend on the phone and talked with people online for a little bit. Rahvina wanted me to come out and visit her in LA (Sarisa is stuck in crunch time at the moment, poor him) but unfortunatly i got kind of a late start on that. I headed out to LA about 7:30, and got there about 8:30. We went to dinner at Burger King at my prompting (yay double cheeseburgers!) but she can't complain too much since i bought dinner :) After that we played some games of Brawl until Sarisa got home, and then we went to the store because Rahvina and Sarisa needed to get mile, and then we sat around and talked for a bit.

Oh! And there was a special on Rush on KLOS! I convinced Rahvina to turn it on while we were hanging out. Along with lots of Rush music there was also an ongoing interview with Alex and Geddy. I'm wondering why Neil wasn't there for it though.

Rahvina thought about going clubbing with me, but she had stuff to do early this morning, so she decided not to go. I left about 11:45 and got to the club about 12:10.

Rahvina asked me to go check out the back room and report to her on the show since she's supposed to be doing research and stuff, so here it is: :)

When i first got the there i went back and checked the show first off. They had a topless guy, who was wearing black pants (leather i think?) and black eye cover things, facing forward with his wrists bound to the ceiling thing, spread apart, and a girl was using one of those, um, not cat-o-nine tails exactly, but the things with a few dozen strips to them, on his chest. This wasn't particularly interesting to me, so i went back to the front room and danced for awhile. When i came abck he had been turned around, and the girl was using something that i'm tempted to call a spatula even though i know it isn't :) It was a long plastic(?) rod with a flat bit at the end, and she was using it on his back. Once again, not very interesting, so i left to dance some more. The third time i went back the guy had been let loose from the cuffs, although it looks like his hands might have been bound behind him, and was kneeling on the floor and leaning back while the girl dripped was from a candle on him.

Still not very interesting to me, so more dancing, and i also spent way too much on drinks. Not in terms of amount of money really, but $10 for a red bull and a bottle of water is a bit much :) The next time i went back the guy was gone and a girl was on the stage! Yay! :) She was wearing a black thong, and had silver tape over her nipples, oh and some shoes i think :) She was facing forward and cuffed to the ceiling just like they guy started out. They were in the process of tieing her up when i came in. They had a loop of rope over her neck, and the two strands then ran down her chest, periodically knoted together, over her crotch and between her legs. Once it was behind her they started wrapping the rope around her, through the space between the knots in the rope down her front, out to the poles of the thing she was cuffed to, and back again to repeat the process. After watching the first iteration of this i realized it would take some time for them to finish, so i went out and danced some more.

When i came back they'd finished tieing her up, the rope criscrossed across her body about six to eight times, and then circled around each of her arms a lot of times, there was also one loop around her head as part of some gag/blindfold aparatus. They guy in charge was pulling on the part of the rope that ran between her legs over her crotch. After a while of that he went back to where some assistants had a box of various implements and pulled out a electro-static wand. It active part of it was about three to six inches long, and a centimeter or two in diameter and glowed purple when it was on. He used that on her a fair bit, mostly on her legs and breasts, but also some on her arms, stomach, and crotch. After that he switched otu teh wand (apparently the black handle part is for producing the charge and can take a large number of attachments) and replaced it with a plasma globe. He went through the same routine getting a stronger reaction this time, i'm not sure if it was because she was because the plasma ball conducted better or something, or just cause she was getting more worked up. After a bit he swaped that out for a a bent rod thing that had a medium sized flat piece attached to the end. There was an even stronger reaction this time, and although i'm sure she was getting more worked up i think the flat piece at the end probably allowed a lot more charge to be applied at once or over a larger area or something.

The last thing he did was really interesting. I'm not sure if it was the same device with a different attachment, or if he grabed something else, but he was holding a black box similar to the first one, but with a long wire hanging out and lying on the ground. I'm assuming it was for grounding purposes, because the device was actually charging him, so when he reached out and touched the girl sparks would jump between them. A really cool and interesting way of doing the shock thing. He spent awhile caressing her all over before he declared the act over and they started untieing her. I'm guessing that they ended it mostly cause the club was close to closing. I went out and dance to one or two more songs, and then they shut things down.

I hung around outside, just to people watch for awhile. Oh, speaking of people, there were two cute girls there that were either a couple, or _really_ close friends given the way they were dacing. There was another cute girl in a long black dress that was slit up to her upper thigh on one side. She kept doing lots of spinny moves and stuff that looked nice with the long dress. There was also a group of three girls and a guy who all had collars and took turns leading each other around by chains attached to them. Girls who wear the three inch plus platform shoes are kind of annoying, but i saw a guy who was already fairly tall, but who decided to wear what looked like was close to one foot platform boots. I can't imagine what would motivate someone to do that. I just barely understand the motives of the girls who think they need to make up for being short.

So anyways, i watched some of those people coming out of the club and hanging around outside. Apparently some of them were making plans to go to IHOP for a snack and hang out. *sigh* i wish i had people to do stuff like that with. Rahvina and Sarisa are good for that when they're there, but it would be nice if i could actually make friends on my own.

I drove home feeling a little bit lonely, and kind of physically depressed. For some reason this carried over into my driving as well, i had to kind of poke at myself to go above 70mph. I got home at three and was going to take a short nap and leave at four to go to work. However i checked email and by the time i was done it was 3:30, so i decided i'd leave at five, and then i had my usual trouble getting out of bed. It was 7:00 before i actually managed to leave the apartment, by which time there was traffic of course, so i got into work at about 8:20. Nowhere near as early as i'd originally been hoping, but still enough to get a fair bit of extra work in.

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