DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


From kallah :)

This doesn't really seem right:

FIRE OF AIR. Serious and intellectual, you live in the world of thoughts and ideas. You grasp things quicker than most and are a master debater. Your verbal skills are unparalleled; your conversations are stimulating. You are concerned with issues of justice. Your standards are high, so there is danger of becoming too moralistic. While truth is generally an honorable thing, chew on this: "Why Yes Herr Strudel, my neighbor IS hiding Jews in his basement!" You're Christopher Walken in Suicide Kings.
Quiz created by Polly Snodgrass.

I don't think i'm normaly overly moralistic. And my verbal skills certainly leave a lot to be desired :)

Hmmmm, looking at the source, i have to say that this test is utterly screwed up. Several of the questions seem to have wrongly associated answers. Question 1 for example, answer three: "Harsh but just, clever and scholarly" gives you points for King of Cups: "You are tolerant towards others and are good at easing tension"..."Because of your accepting nature..." Seems to me that would go with "Liberal, lenient, creative, patient, calm." Maybe there's some reason why a lot of the answer seem mismatched, but they're certainly not intuitive.

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