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There _is_ a reason for this...

I left work a little early friday night. I felt guilty about it, because i'm a little behind. I tried to tell myself it was okay because a lot of the other people were playing Battlefield 1942. Of course those people probably aren't behind.

I'd heard earlier in the day that a new show called Firefly was going to be premiring on Fox. It got a good review on Slashdot and sounded kind of interesting, so i decided i'd try to get home in time to watch it, hence the leaving early at 7.

Only problem was, i don't get any tv stations, the tv antena being one of the things that got taken away. So my plan was to stop by Target on the way home, and buy a new antena. Things went pretty well till i got past Brea, and then traffic started to crawl. At the point where a motercycle cop went by on the shoulder with lights flashing, and all i could see ahead was a solid line of brakelights, i decided to take a shortcut. I just happened to be half a mile from the Diamond Bar exit, so after a few minutes of stop and go (mostly stop) i managed to get off the freeway. The fact that i decided to copy everyone else who was trying to get off and drive on the shoulder helped.

Going around the 60 interchange probably saved me some time, but i was still running late. It was about 7:50 when i went into Target. I went over to the electronics section and got an employee to point out where the antenas were. I looked, and there were three or four different types. There were some generic ones, and then a couple by RCA i think. There was one $20 RCA one, and a $30 one right next to it. Normally i'd take a look at the two of them and try to figure out what the best buy was, but this time i was in a hurry and said screw it and just grabbed the more expensive one, hoping it had something good about it to justify the price.

When i got home at about 8:10 i discovered that the "boosted signal" was due to the fact that you could plug it into an electrical socket which in some manner cleans up the signal. It had one of those big AC adapter things so i was looking for a spot at the end of the powerstrip where it wouldn't block anything else when i noticed that the bottom socket on the wall was empty. I plugged it in there and turned the tv on, and there were channels! However the green light on the antena didn't come on when i twisted the knob. I checked to make sure everything was plugged in a couple times before i realized why that socket had been empty. That's where the halogen lamp used to be. It was plugged in there because that half of the wall socket was controlled by the switch next to the door. The switch was off. I flipped the switch and the green light came on, and the picture suddenly got much better! I twisted the knob all the way to the right, and the picture suddenly was crystal clear!

I'm not much of an E&M geek, so i'd really like to know, how are they using the current from the socket to boost reception of the signal? I thought you could only do that from the sending end? Second of all, if turning the knob to the right makes the picture consistently more clear, with farthest right haveing the best picture, why is there a knob?

But in any case, i watched Firefly which was pretty good, and John Doe afterwards, which was also pretty good. I left the tv on through the news, mostly cause they had a report about inline skateboards, which is yet another case of hey! I thought of that before! A few years ago i was thinking that if you could make a ski-like aparatus by taking rollerskates and putting the wheels in a line, couldn't you make a snowboard-like aparatus by taking a skateboard and putting the wheels in a line? Of course the idea follows pretty blatantly from rollerblades, so there may very well have been someone already working on it at the time i had that thought, but it's still minorly annoying :)

While the tv was going i was logged in and talking to people on IRC and AIM. After the news i decided to move into the bedroom and kept talking to people. I think i decided to start reading at about 2, but i left the computer on and logged in. I only got a few more pages into Assassin's Apprentice before I fell asleep.

I got woken up at about 10:00 in the morning by some IM type beeps from my computer, and then the phone ringing. I didn't manage to grab the phone in time, but since i saw a message on IM from Morna saying she was going to try calling me since i wasn't answering, i didn't worry about it too much :) She told me that she'd gotten rescheduled to work earlier, so i should meet her at 7:15 instead of 9:15 or 10:15 (forget what the other time was now)

After that i started talking to other people, and didn't manage to get out of the apartment until 2 or 2:30. I decided to grab some breakfast/lunch since i was getting really hungry, but i didn't want to eat too much since i was going to be going to dinner with Morna at 7:30. So i stopped by Burger King planning to buy something small, when i made a really important discovery! Burger King has plain hamburgers and cheeseburgers! And double cheeseburgers! They're just like the cheeseburgers and hamburgers from McDonalds, which were the only reason that i ever still go there anymore. They just have ketchup, and mustard, and pickles on them, and unlike McDondalds, Burger King's have no onions on them! I'm going to have to stop by Burger King more often :)

After that i went to Target again looking for speakers, cargo pants, and kitty toys. They didn't have cargo pants, at least not in black. They had some speakers, but they required being plugged in, and if possible i'd like some that didn't require that. They _did_ have Cassie's favorite foam balls though, so i bought three packs of those :) I also got a cute mousepad.

I went to Albertsons after that, and got some Draino, but they didn't have any of the soap i wanted, and when i got to the front there were _huge_ lines! So after standing in line for a minute and seeing that things were being very slow, i just put the Draino back and left.

I headed off to Miller's Outpost after that, because the person i talked to at Target had recomended it as a place to check for cargo pants. They didn't have any in the normal section, but when i checked back in the clearnance rack they had a few pair, so i got one. So i've got more clubbing clothes now, although i really wish i could find someplace that sells pleather pants. Miller's Outpost _did_ have some fairly nice looking pleather jackets for $65, and i'm wondering if i should get one. Not sure how much i'd actually use it though.

I then went to Ralph's and _they_ had the soap i wanted, _and_ the lines weren't anywhere near as bad, so i was happy for that. I headed back home and then talked to people again for awhile before taking a shower and leaving to meet Morna.

I got there about ten minutes late, but that was okay because Morna was fifteen or twenty minutes late. She'd warned me that would likely happen, and so i'd been hoping for it when i realized i wans't going to get there in time :)

We went to eat at the Mongolian BBQ, which was very yummy. We hung out at my apartment for a little bit talking, and then went to Borders where i bought another four or five books :) After that i dropped Morna off at her apartment.

When i got home i logged back on and have been talking to people and reading Assassin's Apprentice since midnight. I'm thinking that i'm going to go to Kink tonight, and then go straight to work. That will give me about six hours to catch up on stuff before anyone else gets there.

So in accordance with that i'm staying up late and i'm going to sleep in till three or so in the afternoon. No, really! It's a well thought out plan that i'm awake at 7 in the morning! What do you mean you don't believe me? :)

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