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Why aren't i tired?

I stayed up till about six in the morning last night. Started out trying to answer email and update LJ, but then got distarcted finishing up Memories of Fire. You would _think_ that i would have decided to go to bed when i finished it about four, but i decided to start Assassin's Apprentice which someone recomended to me :)

I woke up about 9:20 or 9:30, and it was 9:40 or 9:45 before i managed to get into the shower. By the time i got out and was dried off and dressed it was 10:25, which is a pretty quick shower for me.

I've been trying to make time in the morning to go by the apartment office and check for packages, but i kept getting a late start. However this time i figured screw it, i'd just go check and be an extra five minutes late. So i went to the office, and they had the package from CheapAss games!!! :)

I decided to just leave it in the car while i was at work rather than taking the time to go back to my apartment, and headed out. It was an amazing day for the commute, it was about 10:40 by the time i got onto the 10, and 25 minutes later i was parking at work. I must have been _averaging_ about 75 or 80 mph in order to pull that off.

We got new tasks a few days ago at work, and i'm already falling behind. Need to figure out how to make myself focus =/

I'm also totally unsure about what i'm going to be doing this weekend. Could go clubbing tonight. Probably will go clubbing saturday or sunday. There are several different people that i _could_ hang out with, but i don't know which of them will actually be free.

There's also a lot of chores i need to get done. Lots of email to write. Lots of LJ entries to do. Lots of books to read. Lots of video games to finish.

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