DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Where did all the money go?

Over the past two days i've spent about $200 on books and manga. Luckily i have a pretty good paying job, so i can afford to do that pretty easily, unlike a lot of other people i know :(

I went to In-n-Out after buying more books at Border's this evening, and as i am wont to do, i asked for a side of sauce along with everything else. When i got to the window they handed me my food after a fairly lengthy delay. The person who handed me my food asked if i wanted any ketchup, and i told him no, but asked if they'd put the side of sauce in. He told me to hold on a second, left, and came back with a side of sauce, but told me that had no lids left. I was leary of the open container, and wisely so, (but unwisely, not leary enough to just hand it back) because on the way home, despite me keeping an eye, and when feasible a hand, on it, it ended up spilling on the car seat =P

Then when i finally got into my apartment and got the food out of the bag, i found that there was yet another container of sauce inside, and this one also had no lid, and had spilled over the rest of the food, though thankfully not very much. I'm annoyed that they didn't warn me about the open container of sauce in the bag, and also annoyed (but used to) the fact that they are unable to keep track of what's already in the bag, and a query about the sauce is just as likely to net me two containers as it is to get the correct response. I could just check myself, but that's kind of akward, by the time i've set the bag down after getting handed it and dug through enough to locate the container, or lack thereof, the person has usually left to do something else and i need to sit there clogging up the line waiting for them to get back =P

Oh, and speaking of spending too much money, i really with that the manager's office of this apartment kept reasonble hours. Like midnight or one am. Those seem like perfectly reasonble times to want to go check for packages to me :) I'm thinking that my $250 order from CheapAss games should have shown up by now. Yes, that's expensive for CheapAss games, but i ordered 20 of the "normal" games and all the Brawl cards they have in stock and a lot of dice and miscelanious stuff. The "Absolutly Everything" package they had availble cost about $550 i believe :)

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