DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Not what you were expecting

I should really post something about the trip to Boston, however I'm way behind on the post about the wedding, and someone has been bugging me about it, so i thought i'd write about that first instead :)

Unfortunatly i am easily distracted, and i wrote a fair bit, so it's not all done.

Got off to a late start on friday. Luckily once i got out of the house i was busy enough that i could mostly not think about boston girl.

I was supposed to pick up Shawkial's wedding dress and shoes, and Vanora had given me directions that said get off the freeway at Mountain, and there will be a Home Depot there, and the bridal shop will be in that lot.

Well there are two Mountains nearby, so i went to the farther one and checked near the 10, the only freeway that crosses it nearby, and there was a Home Depot, but not bridal shop. After searching for a bit i called Vanora, and found out that A: "the" freeway was actually the 210, B: it was apparently yet a third Mountain, and it was an entirely different town.

Apparently those minor little details were never brought sufficiently to my attention when the idea of me picking up the dress was first discussed :)

So with new direction in hand, or in memory at least, i finally found the shop.

Reason #317 to have a cellphone: It makes it much easier to give the bride a panic attack from 120 miles away when the bridal shop says "Dress? What dress?" :)

So Shawkial suggested that they probably had it under alterations, and indeed when they checked they found it there. Why the first employee i talked to didn't think of that possbility i can't imagine.

So then drove out to pick up Vanroa. She had been to Robinson's May and Macy's in the morning, and had gottten several large boxes with gifts. Between the two of us we managed to get everything down to my car, and had to carefully arrange stuff so that everything fit without crushing the dress.

We stopped at the Fry's in Pasadena on our way out of town, but they didn't have the cables i was looking for, or the wireless router that Vanora was looking for (well, had the router, but for $30 or $40 or so more than they had advertised on the web) but they did have CD cases, so i got one of those to stick the CDs i'd burned for Caithris into.

We got back on the freeway (on the second pass =) and started the long drive up. There was some traffic towards the end of the trip, bt it was fairly open overall. About halfway there however, Vanora suddenly smacked her her forehead and muttered some random expletive. When i asked her what the problem was, she said that she'd forgotten her dress (she was one of the bridesmaids)

I offered to turn around, but she said that traffic would really suck, and that we should just continue on, and she would borrow her dad's truck and drive back saturday morning and get it. She also had the ulterior motive that doing so would allow her to use the hitch on her dad's boat to bring her boat up as well :)

We went to Vanora's dad's house, which was where Shawkial and Gwri were staying. Along with them leora and some_kitten were also there, and some others had left briefly to go exploring. When they got back they had salt water taffy with them which they shared with everyone :)

We decided to play some games, i think it might have been Hearts, although that might have been what we were playing on Saturday, i'm not quite sure now. In any case, it got interupted by dinner, which was some kind of vegetarian lasagna. Oh, and corn on the cob, which some_kitten's SO ate four or five of :) I ended up sitting next to Vanora, and she actually talked a little bit during dinner.

After dinner some of the people decided to try out a game called "Burn Rate" (i think.) I thought about playing, but they already had enough people for the recomended number of players, so i figured i would try to keep the earlier conveersation, such as it was, going with Vanora.

Vanora was a little talkative, but luckily the Burn Rate people had settled down in the same room she was in, so i could talk to them a little as well. Shawkial and i were going to go pick up Ciathris at the airport at about 10:00 or so, but she called us up and let us know that she'd missed her connecting flight. Actually it was a bit more complicated than that, but Shawkial was the one she was talking to, so i never heard the full story.

In any case, Shawkial and i headed out to the airport at about 11:00. Shawkial went to wait at the gate while i sat in the car in the no parking-passenger pick up and drop off only-tow zone area. Of course given that this was the Santa Barbara airport, the gate was about twenty or thirty feet away from the curb, and i could see lizz sitting on a bench next to the gate pretty easily :)

Caithris' flight got in, and about five or ten minutes later she made her way out. Caithris said she was hungry, so since i'd promised to take her by an In-n-Out sometime during the weekend we figured that this was as good a time as any. Especially since the only In-n-Out in Santa Barbara was next to the freeway on the way back to Shawkial's dad's place :)

We went through the drive-though (duh, of course we did at approximatly midnight :) and then decided that we'd eat it back at the motel. We dropped Shawkial off and then went to the motel we were both staying at. We decided to eat in her room, and sat and talked for awhile afterwards. I also gave her the anime CDs that i'd burned for her along with the Fushigi Yugi set i'd bought for her awhile ago. She mentioned that her back was hurting, so i offered her a backrub, but she said no. We finished talking at about four i think.

Unfortunatly it was a cheapass motel we were staying at, and apparently one of their cost cutting maneuvars was to not include the standard clock radio that i've seen at just about every other motel and have come to expect. Luckily Caithris had brought an alarm with her, and she said that she'd call my room in the morning to wake me up. So i went to my room and just kind of collapsed into bed and fell asleep almost right away. Don't remember if i even managed to get under the covers :)

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