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Since i managed to annoy so many people with my last attempt at quantizing relationships, lets see if i can do it again.

There are four things that are important in order to have a "normal" relationship with somone. They have to be interesting to you, you have to be interesting to them, they need to be the right age, and they need to be in the right place.

Well apparently i don't do things by halves, i do things by three quarters.

There are a couple people on the east coast who fit all of those except (duh) the right place. Those are probably the most depressing, cause the only missing factor is something that is technically fairly easy to fix, if not for all the logistics of picking up your life and moving it elsewhere. Then there's Vanora who lives near here, but isn't interested in me. There's also another girl who lives nearby but who isn't the right age.

Of course there's another requirement that can be added, which is that the person be available, however thinking about the people who are (or will soon) fit all four main requirements but who aren't available is just depressing, so i'll try to avoid it.

*sigh* everything would be great if i could just teleport.

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