DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Flying Kick of Death

I thought that i would toss in some of the highlights from the Mage campaign, so here's a long geeky game post.

For those interested in RPGs in general, and Mage in specific. Everyone else will think it's boring :)

Character Background:

I can't remember if i've mentioned anything about my chartacter before. Katsuhito is a 300 year old Akashik Brother/Shinto priest. I decided to have him focused mainly on physical and spiritual aspects, so he fit in well with the Akashic subgroup that focuses on meditation and perfecting body and soul. Along with the unaging merit, he also has Manifest Avatar (he's got 5 avatar, so that's pretty kick ass) Natural Channel (for dealing with spirits) Acute Senses, and Catlike Balance.

His attributes are focused on the physical, 3 Strength, 5 Dex, 3 Stamina. He's also got 4 Do and 3 Dodge. His other important stats are 3 Arete, 3 Correspondence, 3 Mind, 2 Prime, and 2 Spirit. And along with the Avatar he has 4 Arcane and 4 Dream.

The Session:

Lots of combat this session. I think maybe Sarisa decided to make up for the previous session or something, which involved lots of plot advancement, and zero combat :)

The first bit involved me at the dojo i'd started working at since we moved to Minnesota (after difficulties with the Technocracy in New York.) The sensei, "Sensei Smith" had hired me to help teach classes, but had come to suspect that i knew more than i was letting on. So he came up with the bright idea to show me some of his weapons in the back, and then suddenly attack me with one of them while i was holding a katana.

Of course i didn't know why he was suddenly attacking me, so i was struggling to kick his ass without killing him. I was doing pretty well to start with, and then my Avatar (ie Sarisa) started poking at me and hinting that maybe i should try using some Magic. I managed to do a mind probe on the Sensei, which let me know what he was up to, and therefore know that i didn't want to kill him, and also let me know exactly what he was planning to do before he did it.

After that i did much better in the combat. I managed to get a roundhouse kick through which flored him briefly. He got up and charged me again. I'd been reading through the Book of Shadows which talks about Do stuff, and decided to try a disarm maneuvar. Unfortunatly i scored a _lot_ more sucesses than i needed, and Sarisa said that i could limit the number of damage dice i rolled, but that i couldn't fully control the damage, so instead of the ten dice or so, i only used five or six. I got two damage, and unfortunatly Sarisa decided that was enough to break both of Sensei Smith's wrists =/

So while i was looking through the Do stuff i found out that i had the option to take a specialty in Do. The choices were either specializing in the attack roll or the damage roll. I picked the attack roll since A: the description sounded more like my character, and B: extra successes in the attack roll get added into the damage roll anyways.

It was a good thing i noticed that, because the second half of the session was also very combat intensive, and in much more serious circumstances. We ended up playing hide and seek with a large number of Men in Black in some back allies and through a couple of buildings.

We killed one MiB inside, and then got out into the main streets and made a run for it. One of the Technoc cars cut us off though and a MiB popped out and shot Rahvina's character. (Luckily with a rubber bullet, but she was still delayed and had some damage penalties) So i decided to try and take this guy out as quickly and as effectively as possible.

So looking at the list of Do attacks in the Book of Shadows, i decided to try a flying jump kick over the car to hit guy behind it. Since it was a very difficult maneuver i spent a willpower on it to make sure that i would at least one hit. So nine dice for a Do attack, and i rolled four tens, which i got to reroll because of the specilization i had taken earlier, and several other successes. I ended up with eight total after rerolling.

The MiB totally biffed his dodge, so i had thirteen damage dice. I rolled really well on that too, and did six damage to the MiB with that one hit :) Sarisa decided that the MiB needed to make a system shock roll, which he apparently did poorly on, and Sarisa rulled that they guy just died, or at least was unconscious in very critical condition. There was another guy in the car, but he had apparently been traumatized by seeing his teammate get almost decapitated by my kick, so he was easy to dispatch. We took the car and peeled out of there before more MiBs could show up.

The session ended there because it was getting late, so next time we need to figure out how to ditch the car and not end up with the police after us.

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