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What do i want?

Trying to figure out what i ideally want in an SO.

emotionally available
relatively close to my age
Interest in or desire for the following is all good:
science fiction and/or fantasy
anime and/or manga
video games and/or PC games
role playing games
sleeping together
roller blading
going to clubs (especially goth clubs)
into music (as long as they're not into rap, and preferably not _primarily_ foccused on classical or country or r&b or such =)
hiking and/or camping
Being tomboyish is good, or at least i don't really like dresses as everyday apparel
jeans are good, pants are good, shorts are good
t-shirts are good, flannels are good, tank tops are _really_ good
tennis shoes and birks and boots are all good, high heels aren't really appreciated
Left leaning politics are good. Or at least something that isn't conservative. We can figure out what to do after the revoultion as long as both of us agree that things need changing :)
not very religious, or at least not in a very christian/jewish/islamic way, any other religion which isn't followerd in a fundamentalist way would probably be acceptable. Spirituality or atheism are far prefered over dogmatism.

Not all of those are things i currently have much experience with myself (haven't gone camping in about six or eight years in particular) but they're all thing that i think are attractive or fun in a girl.

And in the random section, i have a kind of love/hate relationship with a lot of negative things:

depression or other mental disorders
cutting or other forms of self-mutiliation
long term medical complications (such as diabetes or severe alergies)
traumatic pasts

All of those things can clearly have a negative impact on someones life, and on any relationships they are in, and ideally i'd rather not have to deal with any of those negative effects. However whenever i encounter someone with one or more of the above i feel a certain amount of sympathy towards them (and sometimes some bonding as well, depending on the particular issue) and feel a strong desire to help them and take care of them, which can often lead to stronger feelings such that i no longer care about the negative aspects of the condition(s).

I'm trying to think if there's anything i forgot, but i can always edit and add in more later.
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