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I woke up pretty late, about two or three I think.

I spent some time online, and spent some time reading, but I was feeling kind of lonely. I took a shower, and at about six or seven I called Shawkial and Gwri and asked if they were interested in going to a movie or doing something else that evening. They said yes, so I drove over and got there a little before eight.

I wrote Allyn before I went, but it turns out that she was at dinner, and couldn't come along.

When I got there, we spent about ten minutes trying to figure out where we were going to eat dinner while Bricriu was using the computer (I hope it's possible to get Shawkial's computer working as a sever again at some point after I move in.) Then we looked at movie times and reviews. We decided that we were going to see Evolution or Knight's Tale. They both looked like fairly dumb but fun summer movies.

We finally decided to go to Denny's, but still weren't very sure of which movie or at what time. Dinner took a little longer than expected. Well, longer than hoped, but about exactly as long as expected: just long enough to make it too late to go to theater #1. So we went to theater #2 which had later times.

They had showings of both movies fairly soon, so we discussed it for a few minutes, and finally decided on Knight's Tale. I was kind of happy with that decision, since Allyn has already seen Knight's Tale, and maybe we can go see Evolution together this way =)

The movie was cool. Some of the anacrhonisms stood out like a sore thumb. I almost wonder if they should have put some more anachronisms in a little earlier, instead of waiting five minutes, so that it would be more clear what they intended.

I thought the blacksmith was a lot cuter than the princess, and Allyn agreed with me when we talked about it later =) It's sad that she didn't find someone to be with =(

At some parts it seemed like they were actually going into more character development with the secondary characters than is normal, but of course that stopped once the climax started approaching.

All in all it was pretty good once you got past the anachronisms, which should have been either less or more.

After that we went back to the apartment and I went home. Didn't get to sleep till about four, but I woke up and felt wonderful this morning anyway, because Allyn called me, yayayayyayayay! =)

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