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Rhavina and Sarisa went to bed, but i'm not quite ready to fall asleep yet, so i stole their computer again to make another post :)

So saturday morning (well, technically saturday afternoon, but i'd gotten to bed at about 6 in the morning =) i got a call from Allyn. She wanted me to come help her move stuff into her dorm and hang out with her for awhile. I was happy to agree, but due to some miscomunications we manged to do a "ships passing in the night" type thing. :( And Allyn had said that she was going to wear a tank top too :(

So after spending about two hours failing to get that worked out, i left to pick up Rhavina and Sarisa from the busstop. They'd had the idea that they could save my from making a trip all the way past LA to pick them up by taking the bus from where they live to the closest point to my house that the buses ran to on a saturday afternoon. Unfortunatly it took them a bit longer than they expected, and although i appreciate the effort on their part, i'm thinking it would just be easier for all concerned for me to go pick them up if they ever want to come visit again.

We got back to my place, around sixish i think. I spent awhile organizing junk in the living room while we talked, cause i'd been bad and not cleaned up before then. We had originally planed on doing a sesion of the Mage Campaign, but they got distracted by all my shiney toys :) We played some video games, took a break for dinner, and then played some more video games. I got lots of spontaneous backrubs from Rhavina (the best kind of backrub =) and gave her a couple in return.

Rhavina and Sarisa then introduced me to a new CheapAss Game, "Brawl," which we played for awhile. Then Rhavina started Shrek playing, so we wrapped up the game pretty soon. We all started out watching Shrek, but Sarisa, who is apparently much less of a nightowl than Rhavina and i, drifted off to sleep shortly thereafter.

Rhavina and i finished watching Shrek, and then sat around and talked and exchanged some more backrubs. We finally went off to bed about 6 i think.

I woke up about one or two in the afternoon on sunday. Sarisa had apparently already been up for quite awhile, but Rhavina woke up just a little after i did. They had brought some laundry over with them becuase their apartment apparently doesn't have any laundry machines. So we all did laundry and played more video games inbetween waiting for the laundry to finish.

We left my apartment at about seven to go to their apartment and go clubbing later, although we stopped for dinner at In & Out on the way, so we didn't get here till 9.

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