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was wonderful!

Allyn was busy in the morning when I was getting my PS2 fixed and doing random chores, but she came over at 3:00.

It was very wonderful to see her, and we spent lots of time having fun together! After a couple of hours of hanging out and stuff, we decided to go to dinner, and since she just had her birthday I took her to Claim Jumper's as her birthday present =)

There was a 30 or 45 minute wait, so we sat outside and talked. Allyn thinks I look gay when I dance =) We had lots and lots of yummy food, and we had lots and lots of leftovers.

We went home, and watched the second half of the Matrix (which we'd watched the first half of quite awhile ago) and had more fun.

Then she had to go home =( But it was a very good day, lots of time spent snuggling and being happy together. I hope that once I move we'll get to spend a lot more like it together, especially when school starts up for her again.

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