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Longer update is taking forever. Short update now, long update later.

Wedding was a sucess. Shawkial and Gwri were indeed married by the end of the day.

Saw lots and lots of cool people, most of whom i know but haven't seen in quite awhile.

Saw a few new people who were also cool, and some cool people who i'd met in RL before but hadn't really gotten to know yet at the time.

I got to see some of the people from Boston, and a lot of the people from Northern California, and a couple other people from random places.

For the rehersal dinenr we went to a Moroccan place. There were lots of tables surrounded by booths with poofy pillows on them and cushion type seats where there weren't walls. Almost all of the young people crowded around one of the tables. What i had managed not to notice until someone pointed it out was that i was one of two single people sitting there along with five couples. =/ Add into that the whole general depressingness of weddings for single people, and the whole thing with boston girl a few days before, and it didn't really put me in the best of moods.

And of course there were lots of cute girls around to remind me of what i was missing out on.

Drove up to Santa Barbara with a cute girl, there was a cute girl that let me rub her back a lot, a cute girl who was randomly helping me untangle my hair (motel had icky showers) a cute girl who gave me scritches and randomly braided my hair, a cute girl who voluntered to braid my hair for the wedding (the lesson here: long hair is good =) a cute girl wandering around the morning of the wedding wearing a nightgowny type shirt and not much else, sat with several cute girls at the reception dinner, a cute girl in a tank top, a cute girl who let me sleep with her (just sharing the bed because i was going to give her a ride to the airport the next morning and i'd already checked out of my room. There was no snuggling or such since she made it very clear that it didn't mean anything more than a place to sleep, but it was still nice =) and drove back down to LA with a cute girl.

There's a lot of overlap in that list of course, but it still seems like there are way to many cute girls out there given that most of them are already attached and none of them are interested in me at all =/

The only person who managed not to be cute was the bride, at least not the day of the wedding. They put lots of makeup on her and made her _pretty_, but she wasn't exactly cute anymore. She did look nice though (stresses the difference between pretty and cute for Shawkial's sake.) While we were hanging out at Shawkial's dad's place i saw a galmour shot of Vanora hanging on the wall. Same thing, she looked kind of pretty i guess, but not very cute at all, cetainly not like normal. I really don't get along well with makeup. Luckily the bridesmaids got less makeup than the bride, so they only lost a little cuteness :)

And yes, this was the _short_ update :)

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