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Deep breath...

And back to busy again.

I had just sat down wednesday night about 9:00 to watch some anime and burn some CDs when the phone rang. It was Kialyn. Apparently she and her boyfriend were at LAX, and their car rental had fallen through. (Strange complications involving her lack of age and his lack of a credit card) Kialyn was wondering if i could come give them a ride, and i happily volunteered.

I left the house about 10:05. Long drive to LAX, made longer by the local onramp for the freeway being closed, and getting an update from Kialyn over cell phone while i was supposed to be getting onto the 605 from the 10. I wasn't willing to try and change lanes while talking on the cell phone, so i just passed the exit and once she'd finished telling me which gate they were at i got off the freeway, turned around, and got on the 605 on the second pass.

Picked them up at LAX and drove home, and got back about midnight or maybe a little before. Kialyn and i stayed up talking till about 12:30, and then she went off to bed.

Thursday morning the two of them spent a lot of time calling various car rental agencies. They finally found one that was willing to rent them a car, only problem was it was back at LAX :)

Kialyn had lunch with Morna scheduled, so they went ahead and did that, and then Morna decided to come back to the apartment with them, and then decided to go along with us for the ride to LAX and back.

We droped Kialyn and her boyfriend off at LAX and circled while they could get a hard copy of their tickets (which the car rental place wanted to hold onto) and then dropped them off at the car rental place and circled again till they finished renting the car.

Morna said that she kind of wanted to talk with Kialyn and her boyfriend on the way back, but worried that i would feel lonely and abandoned if i had to drive back alone. I didn't want to pressure her into staying, but she was right, so i told her that she should do what she wanted, but that i would feel a little lonely if i was alone. So Morna decided that although she was more interested in getting to spend time with Kialyn, she also wanted to get to know her boyfriend better, so when they got out of the car rental place Morna went to talk to them, and Kialyn and Morna switched so i drove back with Kialyn.

Kialyn and i got back a little after they did (we tried to dodge traffic, and instead dodged right into it =P ) and Morna left to go home to Bricriu. The three of us went out to dinner at the Mongolian BBQ. When we got back Kialyn's boyfriend called a few people to make plans for their trip (now that they knew they had a car) and then Kialyn tried to call Morna because they had wanted to talk some more, but Kialyn wasn't there.

Kialyn decided she wanted to watch a movie with me, so we started watching the Utena Movie. About a half hour or so in Morna called, so we paused the movie so they could talk. Not sure how long that lasted. When she was done we watched some more of the movie, but Kilayn started getting tired and went off to bed a little after midnight.

I didn't get much sleep myself. Started out burning CDs, and then got distracted with other stuff. Fell asleep on the couch for about two hours, then stumbled back to my room and half napped in bed for a few more, and was awake again by eight. I was probably subconsciously by Kialyn and her boyfriend getting ready to go next door. Kialyn stuck her head in my room and told me they were going, so i got up and gave her a hug or three and watched them go.

Now i'm desperatly trying to finish packing and do the other stuff i need to do before leaving for the wedding.

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