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First part of today was hectic.

Went to sleep at about 7 or 8 this morning, and got up at 10:30.

Started doing laundry, and was going to take a shower when i put the clothes in the dryer, but Morna IMed me and said she was interested in hanging out. I hadn't gotten to see her in a really long time, so i jumped at the chance. I told Sarisa that i would be late getting out to LA to visit him and Rhavina, but he said it was ok.

Spent an hour and a half hanging out with Morna, talked bout lots of stuff.

When i got back home, the laundry was still wet. So i went back to my original plan and ran it through a second dryer cycle while i took a shower.

After that i stopped at a record store in downtown Pomona to get a ticket for a rave that was going on tonight. I thought i would be even later getting out to LA than the revised plan, but traffic was good, and i got there about 4:40, right in the time bracket i'd told them.

We spent five or six hours playing Mage campaign. Only a little bit of exciting stuff happened, and that all at the end. Then i changed clothes while Sarisa and Rhavina installed the Corporate Machine which i'd brought along. Turns out that you can play it without the disk in the drive, which is good, cause i was worried that i might be deprived of the ability to play it :)

Left their apartment about 11:30, and drove west back towards my apartment, passed my apartment, and went another 30 miles to the rave. I think i will do that in a seperate post.

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