DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I felt a little guilty about not getting any work done yesterday, till i realized that most of the other people in the office weren't getting any work done either :)

Today we started the Bomberman tournament, which means a lot of people spent a lot of time yesterday practicing :)

We all start our decompression time on thursday, and most of us don't really have much work to do anyways.

I played a lot of bobmerman games at work yesterday. When i went home i managed to get my laptop to start making CDs, so i've started copying the anime collection that Vanora made for Shawkial. Also played a few mroe bomberman games with Gwri.

This mornign we did the first round of the tournament, and i was in second place for our bracket, which means that i advance to the second round :)

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