DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Had a headache for most of today, but i think i managed to kill it on the drive home with lots of loud music and air conditioning.

I forgot to mention it before, but while i was driving down to San Diego i saw one of those "deer crossing" type signs, but instead of a siloute of a bounding deer, it had siloutes of a man and a woman running with a small child being dragged along. It's sad that they need to put signs like that up, but i couldn't help but find the sign itself humorous.

Oh, and i specifically mentioned the cup of pop in my earlier post for a reason. I only drank about half the pop, and when i got to San Diego i was in such a hurry to get to the registration area before it closed that i forgot to take the cup with me and throw it away. It sat in there for the rest of saturday, and all of sunday, presumable at very warm temperatures, and then monday i went to Del Taco. I noticed that my cup holder was taken up by this old cup. I picked it up while trying to figure out if i should put it on the seat and hope it wouldn't tip over so i could put the full cup from del taco in there, but i then realized that pop was dripping out the bottom of the soggy cup, and there was an inch or two of pop in the cupholder =P

I'm just lucky it was diet pop, so it hadn't gotten sticky or started fermenting.

Other randomness, on tuesday i believe we got an email message saying that our receptionist wasn't working there anymore, and that a new person would be in the next day. It also said that if there was anything we had been working on with her, we should now talk to the HR person. This seems to imply that it was a rather sudden occurance, and when i talked to some of the other people they'd heard that she hadn't left of her own choice.

When we came in the next day there was someone working on the lock on the front door, and an email saying that the locks were being changed and we'd get new keys before the end of the day. When the HR person came around to hand out the keys i asked them why the locks were getting changed, and they said that it was just something they liked to do every six months or so. When i talked to everyone else though they said that it wasn't the first time the locks had been changed the day after someone "was no longer working" for them.

I think that there was some other randomness, but i'm forgetting it now. It's late, i should read a little and then go to bed.

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