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Allyn and I got to spend time alone together yesterday for the first time since last saturday!! =)

We spent some time talking, and then we went to see Moulin Rouge. The first word that comes to mind after seeing it is overwhelming. And jittery. This is in a purely visual-memetic manner, not in an emotional manner. I'm not sure what I was expecting going into the movie, but it's sure not what I got.

The first bit was especially jumpy, it wasn't hard to follow the plot exactly, it was just... strange.

They way they kept working in lyrics to modern songs was a little strange too. The effect ranged from cool and artistic, to funny, to outright dumb. It wasn't as bad when they would do a full musical number, but when just a line or two from a well known song would get tossed in, it was sometimes disconcerting.

Overall, it was fairly good. Certainly better than Pearl Harbor. The war scenes in Pearl Harbor were okay, but for some reason the love story didn't really grab me. Maybe I should watch it again with Allyn sometime though, and see if watching it with someone that I love makes it any better =)

Allyn is going to take a shower, and then she's going to come visit!! Soon soon soon!!

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