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Long and involved

So theoretically i was going to get up at about 10 or 11 and head out shortly thereafter. As usual i kept hitting snooze on my alarm. I actually woke up about noon, and left the house a little after one.

I stopped by costco to get gas and some breakfast. Before i left i filled up the cup with diet coke again so i'd have something to drink in the car. By the time i got on the freeway it was 2:00.

The first part of the drive is exactly like my commute to work, except that i just stay on the 5 instead of getting off at the 55. I was making really good time until about 20 miles after that, then traffic really started to bog down.

Overall those first 55-60 miles were good, and the last 20 miles were good. The middle 40 miles were hell and probably took at least half the trip. I finally got into San Diego about 5pm. Registration closed at 6, so i was in a bit of a hurry by this point.

Around this point i was starting to think that perhaps staying a second day might be good. The main floor closed at about 7, and the masquerade started at 8, so i'd only have two or three hours to look around. I didn't part at the first fiew lots that were near the convention center, because they wanted $20 a day.

After heading away from the convention center for five or six blocks, i finally found a lot that was charging $7 a day. Since i didn't know where i'd be overnight, i decided to put in $14 and hope that that worked.

I actually got there about 5:30, luckily there was no line. I was going to sign up for the two day pass, but the staff running the registration area pointed out that it would be cheaper to get the "after 4pm" saturday pass for $10, and the all day sunday pass for $15.

I had just stepped out of the registration area when i heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw two of my friends who live in the San Diego area. I asked them if they'd seen Gloyryn around (my other friend who lives in the San Diego area) who i knew was intending to go to the con. They said they hadn't seen her and tried calling her on their cell phone, but she apparently had it turned off.

So we wandered around the exhibition floor for a little bit, and they showed me the new location for the Plan Nine booth. I got Sluggy book 4 and 6 and got Pete to sign them, but they were out of book 5 :( I also got book three for Ozy and Millie, cause they were out of one and two =P

We wandered around and looked at some more booths, but i didn't get anything more. I didn't want to slow them up to much while looking at stuff because they said they'd already been through most of it.

The floor closed at 7, and we decided to go get some food before the Masquerade started. We ended up at a Jim Croce themed resturant in the Gaslight District (ie touristy area) The food was good, though expensive of course.

We talked in the resturant for quite awhile, and then walked back fairly slowly while talking. As a result we got back well after the Masquerade had started, and went to watch the rest of it on the video screens in the Sail Pavilion. We watched the last dozen or so acts, and were going to watch the trailers afterwards, however they were planing on having a party type thing in the Sail Pavilion afterwards, and the DJ started up the music as soon as the acts ended, so we couldn't hear the trailers.

Since we'd seen most of the people heading out of the auditorium thing itself we decided to see if we could find seats in there, however that idea was thwarted by the constant stream of people coming out the main door, and the security people keeping anyone from exiting or entering through the side doors. This was all really badly planed if you ask me.

However while we were standing there waiting for the tide to ebb, my friends spoted Gloyryn coming out of the auditorium and managed to get her attention. Gloyryn was with her boyfriend and two other people, and well stood around for a while talking. Gloyryn offered to let me crash at her place, which my other friends had already offered, however all of them wanted to head home right then, and i wanted to stay awhile longer.

After they left i went into the auditorium (which had emptied of most of the people by that point) and watched some of the trailers. There wasn't anything too spectacular, though i don't know what i missed that they'd shown before.

After that i went and checked out the party thing. The music was pretty mediocre, however there were a lot of people around in costumes to look at. (and some cute girls to look at, and some cute girls in costumes to look at =)

The most interesting were probably the guy dressed up as the Death Star, and the guy dressed up as Han Solo frozen in the block of carbonite. There was also a cute girl in a batman/woman costume, a guy dressed up as the joker, a cute girl with a generic kitty costume, and lots of others.

After awhile i got tired of that, and decided to go check out what was showing. I caught the last half of the Utena movie, and then saw something called Puppet Princess. By that point it was about 1:50, and the convention center was shutting down. i stopped by one of the other rooms and watched the last ten minutes of Spider-Man, and then headed out.

According to the schedule there was a movie room in the Hyatt that was running until about 5, so i decided to go try and find that. There were some busses out front driving people to all the hotels, so i took one that said it was going to the Hyatt. I noticed that there was a cute girl on there who i'd see around a little earlier, and it turned out that she was going to the late night movies too.

I actually managed to start a conversation with her, and by the time we managed to find the room with the movies i'd learned that her name was Marcy or something like that, she was from Oregon (Portand, i _think_) and that she was here with some friends who were running a booth whose name i don't remember.

We saw two utterly random movies in the movie room, which lasted till a little after five. At that point she said she was going to go see if busses had started up again so she could get back to the friend's house she was staying at.

I wandered around the hotel, and foudn the gaming room, where a couple groups were still going. There were also some people sleeping on the couches, and i figured that the management would be less likely to roust a group of us, so i found a nearby chair, read a little bit of Sluggy, and napped for about two or three hours.

In the morning i decided to go put another $7 in the parking lot thing. I didn't trust them to necessarily keep really good track of how much money got put in the day before, and i'd rather pay an extra $7 then have to deal with the extreme hassle of my car getting towed. When i got there someone seemed to be tallying up the money in the collection thing, however they seemed to be trying to do this without taking the money out, which makes me wonder how accurate a total they really got. If they were just checking to see if there was money in every slot i didn't really need to bother putting more in, but better safe than sorry.

I went to a "Lost in the Translation" seminar, but i left it after halfway through so i could go to "Good and Evil in Lord of the Rings," both of them were interesting.

After that i met up with Gloyryn and her boyfriend. We went down to the trade floor, and Gloyryn and i looked at booths while her boyfriend went off and did something else. I bought lots of stuff :) Lots and lots of stuff :)

After that we hooked back up with Gloyryn's boyfriend and we went to a showing of a whole bunch of weird cartoons and animations. The first few were strange and boring, and i took a nap =) After that they showed some interesting ones. A couple were vaguely social commentary, like "Balance" and the one about the history of human conflict. Others were just fun, like Bambi meets Godzilla =) and just about every Pixar short ever made.

When that ended at about four we managed to stumble across Gloyryn's friends who had also been watching the show apparently. The six of us went back down to the trade floor again and looked at stuff, but i didn't buy anything this time.

When the Con ended an hour later we decided to go get some dinner together. Gloyryn rode with me in my car to give me directions, and everyone else took the trolley. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. There was a medium long wait to get in, but the food was very good.

Afterwards Gloyryn's friends went home, and Gloyryn and her boyfriend and i went to hang out at her boyfriend's place for awhile. We sat around and talked until about 8:30, at which point i started the drive home.

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