DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Today is not off to a great start.

Last night i started a new LJ entry, expecting that i probably wouldn't finish it. I was correct in this, however i wasn't expecting to drift off _quite_ that fast, and fell asleep in front of my laptop before i remembered to go put my cell phone in its cradle.

I very briefly woke up at 3am, and found that i'd just missed the chance to talk to boston girl on IM :( though i can't imagine what she was doing up at 6 in the morning :)

I _did_ remember to set my alarms last night, however i kept hitting snooze for awhile, and didn't manage to crawl out of bed until 10, and my brain was doing that generating of random trains of thought while i was in the shower, so by the time i got out of the shower and finished drying off it was 10:50 *blech*

So i got into work late, and found that there is yet another task added to the pile that needs to get done today.

So unfortunatly it seems like finishing up the ComicCon post will have to wait a little while :(

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