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Well i was planing trips out to boston, i briefly considered getting a flight out on September 11th, because that's when the wednesday to tuesday cheap flights were. However i eventually decided on a shorter (and therefore less vacation time needed) stay, and got a flight out on September (Friday :) the 13th.

So i was reading this article on how a lot of flights on Sept 11th are getting canceled because of a lack of reservations. People are strange, but whatever. This is causing me to think that perhaps it's a good thing that i didn't get a flight for the 11th. Oh, and especially flights into and out of the cities involved last year are affected, like Boston. Okay, doubly good. Some airlines are extending the cancelations to the 10th and 12th as well. Hmmmmm. One airline, Delta, is canceling flights on the 13th as well. Guess which airline my tickets are with?

If my flight gets screwed up becuase idiotic people are being supersitious i'm gonna be pissed.

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