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I woke up sometime between 1 and 2 i think, and stayed in bed for a long time. Yay weekend! Talked to people on IM and surfed web, and finally managed to get out of the apartment about 4.

I stopped by Costco and got gas. Last time i did that i was annoyed to find that although Costco has it for 1.47, Arco was selling it for 1.45. However i must have caught them just between price changes, cause this time when i drove by Arco it was at 1.45 again (having been somewhat higher in the interim) but when i got to Costco they were at 1.41.

After that i got some lunch there too. Yay cheap yummy costco food!

So as long as i was out of the house, i figured i should do some shopping. Other than Costco, every place i went where i actually bought something, i ended up spending about $100.

I went to the mall, and stopped by Robinsons May, but Morna had apparently gotten off work already. I went to Game Stop (aka Babbage's once upon a time) which i was suprised to discover had recently been remodeled. They also had a cute girl working there :) I got Eternal Darkness and Bomberman Generations there, and found that i need to go back to Fry's and buy the $15 Dragon Warrior games there, since the one used one they had at Game Stop was going for $22. I also let myself get suckered into getting a membership type thing, it saves 10% off of used games, it cost $10, but i got back about $4.50 from the used copy of Bomberman Generations i got. Spent a little more than $100 there.

After that i went to Hot Topic where had chat with aforementioned cashier person. I got two t-shirts and two cds, and then after getting some recomendations from her i added four more cds to the pile. Total of just over $90.

I looked around Wizards of the Coast, but they didn't have what i was looking for. Stopped by Suncoast, but i almost never buy anything there anymore since i can always get it cheaper at Fry's or DVDPlanet, however it's still fun to look.

Then i drove to the other side of the parking lot and went to Borders. Turns out that although it was sold out at Wizards of the Coast, Borders still had copies of the Epic Level Handbook for D&D! I also got the Stronghold Builders Guide, because that was always one of my favorite little sub-thingys about D&D (even though i never had characters of high enough level to actually build a keep and implement the ideas i came up with, but for that matter i never really manged to get involved in any kind of long lasting D&D campaign) Picked up a random novel, and then made a really cool discovery.

Dark Horse Comics has an english translation of the japanese manga adaption of Star Wars! Luke looks like a kid! Han looks like a slightly older kid! :) I'm certainly used to the style, but seeing _Star Wars_ in that style is just strange and really ammusing :) While i was in the manga area i saw a really cute girl reading manga and wearing a kittycat t-shirt. I said aboslutly nothing to her of course =P

All the books came up to almost $120. Stupid books :)

I'd seen signs for a street fair on my way over to the Costco/mall area, and had thought about checking it out on my way home, but by that point it was 9ish, and i didn't know if it was still open, and by that point didn't want to take the time even if it was. Hopefully it's one of those weekly ones, and i can check it out next saturday.

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