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And I wonder why I have trouble hitting on girls

While i was at the mall today (which i will go into more detail about in a later post) i stopped by hot topic, and happened to start talking with the person at the register while buying my stuff.

Piercings are kind of interesting, in a ewwwwww kind of way, however having somewhere between one and two dozen pieces of metal sticking out of your face does _not_ make you look more attractive in my book.

However she mentioned to me a couple new clubs that i could try going to.

One of them was going on tonight, so about 11:15 i headed out, later than i had originally intended.

This club, Produqt, is about 10 miles closer than Dungeon. It has a few other advantages, and a lot of disadvantages.

The main advantage, other than the distance, is that it doesn't close till four.

The biggest disadvantage is that it's not really a club, not to my mind at least. It's a bar/resturant that happens to have two fairly smallish dance floors. The large one is probably about 15' square. The other one is slightly smaller.

Even before i ever went to a club i had an idea what a club should look like, this idea was based upon what i'd seen in movies, and maybe what i'd read in a few books. For once Hollywood was right, and Club Metro, the first club i ever went to, looked pretty much like i expected, as did Dungeon, and i think maybe one other club that i might have gone to.

In all cases, being a club, not a bar or a resturant, the most space was taken up the dance floors. The dance floors are large giant things in the middle of the rooms, and there are some tables off to one or two sides, and a bar along the wall, but the dance floor was clearly the focus.

In the case of Produqt and one other club i've been to, the dance floors are the part in the corner, which just isn't right for a real club i don't think.

The other disadvantage, and hopefully this is just a case of one rotten apple spoiling the barrel, is that tonight was the first time i've ever gotten yelled at for trying to order a drink at the bar.

When i first started going clubbing i noticed that whenever anyone wanted a drink, they shoved in between the people sitting at the bar. Not shoved out of the way, but slid into any open spots, and didn't worry too much if they bumped into anyone else. So i've pretty much picked up the habit of doing the same.

I've never had anyone complain about this before, and i'd like to think that it's due to the self-apparent fact that if you don't want people trying to maneuver around you to get to the bar, then you should bloody well move away from it once you've gotten your own drink.

So tonight i decided to get a drink, and slid into one of the few open spots, and ended up lightly pressed up against a guy on my left, and a woman on my right. The woman turned to me, and said something about me bumping into her and said that i should be less rude. I can't remember her exact words, because i was so shocked that she was complaining.

The sad part is, i felt unhappy that i upset her! I was embaresed that i had given her cause to complain, even they she was an ass for complaining about a cause that was as much her fault as mine! On a crowded dance floor you're going to occasionally get bumped into or stepped on, at a crowded bar you're going to rub shoulders with people. Either accept it or don't even bother being there! But i still felt upset and embaresed.

And i'm supposed to be willing to go up to a girl who may not even want me in her general vicinity and try to start a conversation with her? Giving her a far more valid excuse to complain about my actions and make me feel upset and embaresed?

And then, just to add to the general annoyance of the evening, at one point when i went outside to get some fresh air (ie retreating to the corner farthest away from the concentration of smokers) and crouched down to stretch my legs, and felt/heard a small ripping noise. I didn't worry about it much, since that pair of pants had a lot of small holes scattered about, and it didn't feel like there was a gapping hole now (though i didn't do a hands on examination, so i can't be sure.)

Then when i got home, i sat down to pry my boots off, and felt/heard a louder/longer ripping noise. When i took the pants off, there was an L shapped rip that went along the seam of the crotch, and then straight across the back. I have no idea how much of it was there at the club, but i was wearing black underwear underneath the black pants, so regardless of how large the rip i doubt it was very noticeable under the lighting conditions. And besides, this place was enough like the Dungeon that a little bit of flashing wouldn't have been a big deal anyways :)

However i definitely need to get a new pair of pants before the next time i go clubbing, only problem being that was time i checked out the pants selection at Hot Topic they didn't seem to have any more of them in stock =/

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