DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Left work at about 11:30 last night. Rhavina and Sarisa wanted me to come over and hang out and watch anime, so i swung by home, picked up Ranma, Tenchi, and El Hazard, and drove over to their place. Got there about 1am.

We decided to watch Ranma, and stayed up till 3 or 4 doing that, at which point Sarisa and i were falling asleep. I decided to crash on their couch (which i've been told i have an open invitation to do any time i want) because i was feeling tired and cause that way i could give Rhavina a drive to work in the morning, becuase otherwise she'd need to spend two hours on the bus.

After dropping Rhavina off in the morning i stopped by a local Jamba Juice to get a pseudo-breakfast, and decided to stop in at work to make sure nothing had broken terribly after i left.

While i was driving down the 405 i realized that i would be going right by DVDPlanet and figured i might as well take that opportunity to stop by since i'd just done some pricing at Fry's. I didn't remember exactly where they were, but luckily i had one of their buisness cards on me, first time one of those has been usefull to me in a _long_ time.

Most of the stuff i was interested in wasn't there, but what was was a llittle bit cheaper. I ended up getting Slayers Season 1 boxed set, Transformers Season 1 boxed set, Urusei Yatsura DVD 1, and on impulse, something called "FAKE", because kallah mentioned it to me.

I came into work after that, and apparently the new disks got burned okay this morning, cause no one was here, so i spent some time working on the PAL version stuff, and a lot of time websurfing and talking to boston girl. Now i'm thinking about going home :)

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