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I got my PS2 fixed today! Well, kinda. I brought the PS2 into EB, and said that when I was there last weekend they had told me they would fix the OS. So one of the guys goes int he back, and comes out with a new PS2 box. He opens it up, takes the console out and unwraps it, and hands it to me, and I, in a state of very mild shock, hand him my PS2, which he procedes to wrap up and put back into the box. I ask if that's all there is to it, and they say yes.

I hope that they're going to ship that PS2 back to the manufacturer for a refund because of the old chipset, and not try and sell it to someone else, but I'm not going to ask too many questions, since I just got a happy new PS2!

I looked at the DVDs, and they had Escaflowne #8, and two used Nadesico DVDs! I don't actually know which numbers in the series they are, but since I didn't own any Nadesico, I bought them both =)

One is "Danger Zones" and the other is "Mission to Mars." Hmmm, now that I look on the back very carefully, they have several screnshots on the back of each, and one of them is of the menu. Danger Zones says 9, 10, 11, 12, and Mission to Mars says 5, 6, 7, 8. Hmmm I've alread seen the first four episodes, but I'd kind of like to see them again before going on with the series. Oh well, these were really cheap, $15 each =)

So anyway, I got home, and plugged in my new PS2, and entered all the startup information. Them I put in Escaflowne #5, and it worked!!!! I'm so happy!

Now I just need to go to Fry's Electronics and get Escaflowne #7. I've heard all kinds of horor stories about hardware that people have purchased at Fry's, but getting software seems to be perfectly safe. I don't know how their PC software prices compare to other companies, but their DVDs are the same price as EB's, which is about $3 or $4 lower than Suncoast =)

Happy happy happy!

And I get to spend lots of time with Allyn today!

Happier happier happier!

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