DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I stopped by Fry's yesterday on the way home from work, cause i wasn't sure if i would make it to the Staples or BestBuy near home before they closed.

I managed to find both the Linksys wireless router i was looking for, and a cool webcam/digital camera.

I set the router up after Shawkial and Gwri got home from the movie they were watching, since only Shawkial knew the password for our ISP (or rather knew where we could look up the password =)

The installation went amazingly well, and everything worked perfectly the first time! For the router and the PC at least. It took two or three tries at setting up the wireless card for my laptop, but eventually that worked to.

I can now use the internet any time i want, even if Shawkial or Gwri is using the PC! And i can do it in front of the tv! Or in my bedroom!

Sat in bed reading and waiting for people to show up online last night cause i wanted to actually get to use the internet for something usefull (really, that's usefull! :)

Boston girl finally logged in about 4am my time. Her sleep schedule has been all messed up cause of work :(

We talked till about 8am, at which point she told me i really should get some sleep. I napped till noon, and managed to drag myself out of bed about 1, and got to work at 3.

I _was_ going to go clubbing tonight with Rhavina and Sarisa, but i'm not sure if i'll get all my work done in time :( Well actually my stuff is done, but others are still working, not sure if i'll manage to run off though until everything is compiled and checked =/

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