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I am far too much of a geek

So i was looking at the Smurf Name Generator that trysha showed to me.

It seems that what it does is total up the letters in your full name by the formula a =1, b = 2, c = 3, etc, and then use that to do a lookup in a list. (A space counts as one)

It seems after a little experimentation that there are 90 possible names. They start repeating at jjjjjjjjja.

So, cause i'm silly and do things like this from time to time here are all the possible names :)

Raspy Smurf
Very Uninteresting Smurf
Chesty Smurf
Bambi Smurf
Insatiable Smurf
Quantum Smurf
Lydia Smurf
Groupie Smurf
Vanilla Ice Smurf
Maximous Smurf
---------------------------- 10
Stanky Smurf
Hoochie Smurf
Stoner Smurf
Trusty Smurf
Cujo Smurf
Fidel Smurf
Naughty Smurf
Doctor Smurf
Cleft Palate Smurf
Britney Smurf
---------------------------- 20
Flopsy Mopsey Smurf
The Smurf
Chanukah Smurf
Squanto Smurf
Igneous Smurf
Megatron Smurf
Full Monty Smurf
Yahweh Smurf
Q*Bert Smurf
Futzy Smurf
---------------------------- 30
Meshugana Smurf
Pimpin' Smurf
Fetid Smurf
Fictitious Smurf
M. C. Smurf
Cuddly Smurf
Disgruntled Smurf
Heterosexual Smurf
Jurassic Smurf
Deadly Smurf
---------------------------- 40
Queasy Smurf
Waspiantor Smurf
Stews in His Own Gravy Smurf
Stickleback Smurf
Fundamentalist Smurf
Drippy Smurf
Hannibal Smurf
Jojoba Smurf
Kung Pao Smurf
Boozy Smurf
---------------------------- 50
Radioactive Smurf
Fatass Smurf
Ichabod Smurf
Phil the Smurf
Erectile Dysfunction Smurf
Transparent Smurf
Moo Goo Gai Smurf
Talk to the Hand Smurf
Son of Smurf
Smurf Smurf Smurf
---------------------------- 60
Pantsless Smurf
Super Absorbant Smurf
Yakuza Smurf
Very Tall Smurf
Stoolie Smurf
Ebola Smurf
Chicken-Fried Smurf
New-and-Improved Smurf
Junkie Smurf
Lemon-Fresh Smurf
---------------------------- 70
As-Seen-on-TV Smurf
Stalker Smurf
Man-Eating Smurf
Ibn 'al Smurf
Litigious Smurf
You Go Smurf
Slowly Evaporating Smurf
The Realm Slim Smurfy
Golden Flash Smurf
Critically Ill Smurf
---------------------------- 80
Killdozer Smurf
Colicky Smurf
Slappy Smurf
Cletus the Slack-Jawed Smurf
Phlegmy Smurf
Nascar Smurf
Odoriferous Smurf
Noxious Smurf
Erotic Smurf
Conrad Smurf
---------------------------- 90

Yes, i am very very silly :)

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